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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Just got done with a quick interview with Federal Computer Week.  They are looking at concerns the Federal government has with a shortage of good project managers and are interested in what Utah is doing with the Product Management Council.  Personally, I believe that the PMC has elevated the state to a new level in the delivery of egovernment services by involving business managers and leaders in the process of delivering online services.  Several months ago, I challenged every department to deliver at least 3 new online services during calendar 2003.  Yesterday, they reported 10 new services, some of which are already active, which were not on my initial list.  In the process of looking for some of these new applications, I ran across the Digital Geologic Map of Utah and the latest issue of Survey Notes, a publication by the Utah Geological Survey that covers noteworthy and interesting geological topics.
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This is exciting.  Brian Sweeting has added two RSS feeds to the Spanish Fork City website for news and events.  He is also anticipating the creation of additional feeds in the future.  I would love to see this kind of initiative for all of Utah's cities and towns.  That would be a terrific way to build the egovernment community.

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The State of Utah has renewed its contract with Utah Interactive, a subsidiary of NIC.  In addition to maintaining the Utah.gov portal, UII has developed over 80 egovernment applications during the past four years in cooperation with State agencies, including such applications as the award-winning Renewal Express and the annual business renewal.  A press release will be issued later today.

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