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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Dr. Paula Scalingi, who worked with the state on issues of infrastructure protection prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics as the Director of the Department of Energy's Office of Critical Infrastruction Protection, will be speaking at this week's Homeland Security Summit in Arlington, along with Governor Leavitt and former mayor Rudolph Giuliani.  She has also been a participant on the CSIS series on Science and Security Initiatives.
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Yesterday, I mentioned Simon Moore's excellent report on trustworthy computing.  Ireland's Information Society Commission produced a report several months ago entitled, "Building Trust through the Legal Framework."  The suggestion is that government has an over-riding responsibility to create a trusted digital environment in order for a society to transform into a true "information society" which has become a major objective for the Irish.  They would like to move from 27th into the top tier of European nations in areas like eGovernment.  In order to build trust, they are suggesting measures like the creation of a "trust and confidence" mark that could be used by Irish electronic commerce providers and the appointment of "data protection commissioners."  Another report, Building the Knowledge Society, more specifically addresses the issue of building eGovernment.

Ireland's Electric News Network has a regular column dedicated to eGovernment issues.

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Here's an example of a service that is becoming increasingly popular:  a group in Poland that will write research papers and essays or develop computer projects for a fee.  They claim that U.S. and Canadian students are too busy to do their homework so they'll get it done for them.  And probably do a great job at it.  Learning is not the goal, graduation is; and making money.

I wanted to read this Polish blog, but my Polish language capabilities are not very good.

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