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Monday, May 12, 2003

Amy Joi Bryson of the Deseret News wrote a nice article about Utah's agency for surplus property.  Surplus Property handles both state and federal property.  The agency offers a variety of online services, including an online auction.  Increasingly, the business with the federal government is handled online.  Agencies can search the DRMS system for donable property.
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The FCC is sponsoring a Wireless Innovations Conference on New Technologies and Evolving Policies today and tomorrow.  I wish I was there, the agenda looks very interesting.  Tomorrow's panel discussion will be webcast.
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Little Sahara Sand DunesI usually don't like to point out bad websites, but maybe I should create a "Bottom Ten" list with the worst government websites in the State and then work with their owners to get them fixed.  The Juab County Travel Council might make the list with this page that still has all the template stuff on it like "Name of Service 1, Description of Service 1", etc.  It was last modified in February 2000, but it is still out there as the official Juab Travel Council page.  And for a map of the county?  All brought to you by "Webdude".   Juab County actually has some nice destinations like the Little Sahara Recreation Area (shown here), but I dont' think this site is going to get anyone excited to visit Juab...

The most important service on the county's site is the PDF Utility Digging Permit.

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The Provo-Orem area ranked sixth on the 2003 Forbes Best Places index following Austin, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Boise, and Madison.  The area ranked high in areas like educational attainment, crime rate, and job growth with Forbes pointing out that it is still a magnet for high-tech.

I like the fact that you can appeal a parking ticket online in Provo.  And Orem has some new pools at the Scera Park.

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