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Thursday, May 15, 2003

It looks like the Yakima Police Department is the first to adapt IBM's new digital recording system to record sound and video from traffic stops and arrests.  The new system will incorporate data from radar guns and GPS information and can then be stored and searched centrally for use in court hearings.  Metadata, including scans of the driver's license can be used to search for the video clip.
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Craig Nielsen has announced that the Ferret newsletter produced by the Utah State Library is now available as a weblog.  Obviously, this will make the publication much more dynamic.

7,318 employers filed their Unemployment Insurance quarterly reports via the web last quarter. This is up 13% from the previous quarter. The Department of Workforce Services has been experiencing about a 10 to 15% increase in the number of filers each quarter over the previous year.

Yesterday, Broadband Central of Draper, Utah, announced that it is planning to provide fixed wireless Internet access to 85 percent of Utah's residents within three months.

GSA assesses Best Practices in Real Property Management in State Governments (large PDF file)

The Utah Legislature now has online profiles available for each of the 29 Senate districts and 75 House districts.

Verizon announces the end of its CDPD network.

Government Technology magazine mentions Utah's contract renewal with NIC.

Venezuela's government criticized the US ambassador today for hosting and event where an impersonator used a puppet to mock President Hugo Chavez.  Venezuelans have been using weblogs for a long time now to document the injustices of their president and his government.  For example, 32 Puertas mentions how there have been four months with no foreign exchange, no imports, unemployment rates over 22%, and Chavez is proclaiming that as economic success.  A Venezuelan official is now claiming that the US was behind an assessenation attempt on Chavez last year.

Oracle is committing $10 million to support the Colorado Institute of Technology

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