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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Yesterday, Gary Ott, the Salt Lake County recorder presented a draft bill to the (Utah legislature) Government Operations interim committee that would have seriously restricted the sale of government data.  Although Ott talked specifically about the data requests that he receives, his draft proposal was much broader and would have restricted access to data that is made available for very legitimate reasons.  Prior to the bill being presented to the legislature, the Salt Lake County Commission voted 9-0 to oppose it. 

More on this issue from:

Several other issues emerged from yesterday's interim meetings.  Vendors are pushing to lower fees charged to access UDOT right of way for fiber installs.  Utah bond discussions went well as legislatures removed a hurdle and also discussed the potential sale of the Workers Compensation Fund of Utah.

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Doug Kenline posts this opinion about blogs and politics:

Dave Winer, myself, and many others believe that the day will come when any candidate or sitting elected official who does not blog for the people every single day without fail will be laughed off the face of the internet as having no integrity and not caring about the people.

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Departments have been encouraged to include links to their 1000-Day Plan, so these can be integrated with Governor Leavitt's 1000 Day Plan.  Here's what I could find:

If there are others, let me know...
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