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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I didn't know that the State of Utah had a Utah Marriage Commission until a few minutes ago.  If you're a state resident, you can order a free booklet entitled "Building a Successful Marriage" from their website which is utahmarriage.org.

The Utah Department of Human Services has added some useful information and bulletins on HIPAA compliance to their website as well as a sample compliance plan.

In the latest issue of DHS' newsletter, the Human Touch, Kelly Colopy identifies some very specific outcomes related to the department's goals.  Kelly is now the Department's eGov product manager and is working with an enterprise team to develop metrics for eGov and IT across the state.

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Take Pride in Utah is a partnership of state, federal and private entities coordinated by the Utah Department of Natural Resources. The goal is to enhance the image of local communities throughout the State. This year's Take Pride in Utah effort wraps up this week.

DNR has even created online lesson plans for elementary schools.  On a larger scale, George W. Bush is honorary chair of the Keep America Beautiful effort.

Several other state agencies are supporting this program, including the Division of Youth Corrections which recently posted its latest online quarterly newsletter.

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