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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Utah's tech community is closely linked with Silicon Valley as evidenced by Governor Leavitt's Silicon Valley initiative. Earlier this year, the Governor led a trade mission to Silicon Valley. With the upcoming recall election in California, Sonia Arrison writes about whether Arnold Schwarzenegger would be good for Silicon Valley.  That's a good question to ask here as well, since policy and economic changes in California can easily impact the rest of the West.

The Utah Legislature put a new face on their website today.  They've added fly-out menus and some additional navigation features.

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Two Utah cities, Ogden and South Jordan, are using an online service that supports making service requests through the internet.  The service, called eBetterPlace, allows a user to log and track requests through a simple interface on issues like abandoned vehicles, potholes, streetlights, recycling, and cable TV.  The service is supported by the Florida League of Cities, but they have obviously expanded from their original target market.  The League supports the Quality Cities Resource Library which contains many ideas for improving local government.  They also have a relationship with GovDeals, an online surplus property auction company.  It's not by accident that when you google "city government online services", the top responses are Florida and Utah.

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