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Monday, October 13, 2003

Craig is a small town located in the Yampa Valley of northwest Colorado - about halfway between Salt Lake City and Denver.  A group of officials from the county and towns in the area are collaborating on what they are calling the "Open eGov Project."  They are proposing to develop a shared toolkit for egov services using open source software.  Maybe it will spill over into the Uintah Basin.

The National Wild Horse and Burro Program has a nice website.  They have held several auctions over the past week, including one near Salt Lake City.  Another will be held near Cedar City on November 8th.  I don't believe that any of these are online (auctions).

other: Wasatch Front Urban Area STIP projects map (2004-2008)
2004-2008 Wasatch Front Transportation Improvement Plan

Here's an interesting presentation on the Transportation 2030 planning process.  It's good to see that Utah County officials were involved.  The Utah County I-15 Corridor Management Plan is also targeted at 2030.

This week, they are celebrating the Semana de Ciencia y Tecnologia in Argentina.

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The MESA Institute under Dr. Regan Stinnett is promoting innovation in the area of microtechnology.  The project is associated with Sandia Labs in New Mexico.  Dr. Stinnett will be coming to Utah later this month as part of Nano Utah 2003.  It should be a great opportunity for Utah businesses and universities to form a partnership with Sandia.  This presentation identifies some of the practical application for advanced integrated microsystems in addition to the specific military applicability.

The Microproducts Breakthrough Institute at PNL has a similar focus, introducing products like Onboard H2 Production and miniaturization of surgical instruments.  That sounds interesting.  I had a neighbor who started Dentrix, a company which developed dental software.  He did some interesting things like tying miniature cameras to the database at the time the work is being done so you have a record. 

BYU is doing some interesting things with their multiple agent coordination and control (MAGICC) lab.  The lab develops innovative algorithms, architectures, and techniques for the coordination and control of multiple vehicles. They have built small robots and planes that can coordinate movement and processes entirely on their own.  I think that the potential for this is tremendous.

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