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Monday, October 27, 2003

Mark Struckman of the Center for Digital Government presents the Best of the Web award to Utah.gov

The Best of the Web awards were presented on Thursday in New York City.  This year's competition was quite fierce and Arkansas, Washington, Indiana, and Maine are all very determined to win the award next year. 

For example, Gov. Huckabee of Arkansas said, "Each time we develop a new online application, we want to simplify the process. I'm delighted our efforts were recognized in this year's Best of the Web competition. We're not going to be satisfied yet, though. We'll continue to work hard to offer additional online services."

Maine's governor, John Baldacci, said "Maine continues to find new ways to use the Internet to help our citizens and businesses save time, and our commitment to excellence is again reflected in this year's Best of the Web rankings. The services offered by Maine.gov and the Secretary of State continue to raise the bar for all states, and I'm very proud of Maine's accomplishments."

We had the opportunity to discuss e-government with each of these states and they are all doing some excellent things.  We have discussed several applications that may be possible to bring to Utah.

Mark Struckman of the Center for Digital Government summarized the strengths of each of the state sites.  Mark mentioned the use of web services and portlets as key to the progress of egov services.  Montgomery County which was the top ranked counted is using portlets and is also making good use of GIS - both of these are very much on our product management agenda in Utah. Here's  the list of all award winners.

Louisiana is one of five states with an online system supporting vendor-issuance of hunting and fishing licenses.  Utah and Montana also have similar systems.   Louisiana's system is experiencing problems.  Montana's system received a Best of Web award.  Great Lodge, the company that built Louisiana's system also built an online system for Idaho and for New Hampshire.

The debate on Gov. Leavitt's nomination is on C-SPAN2 right now.  The vote on his nomination will occur at approx. 10:30 am eastern time tomorrow.

The city of Nashville has issued a contract for a new enterprise land information system.

Notes from the few days that I spent in New York are found on my other blog, including:

view from the eGov Leadership Conference

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