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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Frank Patrick has developed a portfolio of portfolio management resources. This is a great resource.
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All governments should stop playing around with their URLs and adhere to a dot gov standard.  Here's a recent example of a problem that could occur: 

A state agency was using a dot com URL and then converted to dot gov, dropping the old URL.  A porn company purchased the URL and now all the links that used to point to that agency now point to a porn site.  Dot gov URLs are controlled and represent official status. 

There is no way to ensure that dot com URLs that sound like they may be government sites, such as www.utahstategovernment.com are what they proclaim to be.  So if you've made the mistake of using dot org or dot com, I would suggest that you fix it and get a dot gov URL.  If you are in the state of Utah, and are a county or a city, you can obtain a utah.gov URL through Al Sherwood in the state CIO's office.

Rory Perry refers to this slideshow that assesses each of the 50 state judicial websites.

It might be a good idea for enterprise architects everywhere to learn Danish so that they can read some of the excellent work produced by John Gotze and the Danish government like this handbook on enterprise architecture.

It's snowing outside.  Keep an eye on weather.gov for the latest advisories.

Salt Lake Recorder Gary Ott is running into GRAMA issues again.

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