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Thursday, October 09, 2003

GSA's flashy new website has arrived.  They have a lot of good features, but there are still places where the navigation is a bit problematic.  The drop down menus are nice and rich, the "services" menu is so long it doesn't fit on my monitor (1024x768 res).  I was looking for something when I reached the site and got this:

You have reached the new gsa.gov.
As a result, all pages have been moved or modified. New bookmarks need to be created.

Great.  All pages?  I hardly use bookmarks anymore, but what about all those broken links and faulty search engine results?

A pair of snowmobiles is available on GSA Auctions today.  Do a state search on Utah to see all items listed locally.

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Forty-eight states participate in the National DNA Index System (NDIS).  The NDIS contains DNA profiles from crime scenes and over 1.3 million felon profiles.  Rhode Island and Mississippi are the only states not participating.  It is a good example of a vertically integrated enterprise system.

CODIS (the FBI's Combined DNA Index System) is implemented as a distributed database with three hierarchical levels (or tiers) - local, state, and national. NDIS is the highest level in the CODIS hierarchy, and enables the laboratories participating in the CODIS Program to exchange and compare DNA profiles on a national level.

The October issue of the JRSA Forum has a very good article on "Issues Surrounding DNA Collection and Analysis" and genetic privacy in the justice system.

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The California economy is critical to Utah and other western states.  Last night on his monthly radio show, Governor Leavitt discussed the California recall election, emphasized how important California's economic success is to this state, and wished Arnold well in his attempts to revive the economic situation there. 

Barbara Haven points to this map of election results which certainly paints the picture very well.  Schwarzenegger garnered over 60% of the vote in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Anaheim counties and outside the bay area dominated the state.  I guess we'll see what his economic advisors can do on this critical issue.

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