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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Governor Leavitt made a visit to the data center yesterday where KSL did a special on Utah.gov.  Here's the video and transcript of what they ran last night on the 10 o'clock news.  (I really was trying to stay out of the way of the camera)

Espanol.gov will launch on Thursday.  It is a Spanish version of FirstGov.  The problem is that, if you use the proper (Spanish) form of the word (www.español.gov) with the ñ, it doesn't work right.

Sweetwater County (WY) signs E-911 contract.

Some state legislators have proposed the idea of merging UDOT and UTA.

Two former directors of Utah's Corrections Dept. are working to rebuild Iraq's prison system.

E-government is a priority at this week's ASEAN conference.  Earlier, ASEAN prepared this primer on egov.

Ken Elliott, our new deputy director of Information Technology Services was among a recent group of technology managers interviewed by Wasatch Digital IQ.  The current issue also includes an interesting article on nanotechnology.  An announcement for Nano Utah 2003 can be found on business.utah.gov.

I think any community that is really wired will add streaming video and audio.  King County, WA. which came in fifth among county portals in the Best of the Web competition does a good job at this.  But, what would you expect when they are home to both Real Media and Microsoft?

A recent study argues that states should do more to link economic development to mass transit.

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