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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Data Extraction Group at BYU hosts a website for the International Conference on Conceptual Modeling which will be held next week in Chicago.  They have published some interesting papers recently, such as this one on Automating Schema Mapping for Data Integration by Li Xu and David W. Embley and this one that presents some insights on Target-based Integration Query System (TIQS) for e-business.  This whole site is really quite interesting for those pursuing development of the semantic web and integrated systems.

In his Masters thesis, Tim Chartrand asks, "With all the advantages of the Semantic Web, what keeps it from reaching a critical mass where it will gain widespread acceptance and use?"  Tim sheds some light on viewing and extracting RDF data.  Tim refers to some work done on the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML).

DARPA has terminated the Tactical Mobile Robotics project.  Another very interesting project is the neXt Generation (XG) Communications program which is developing the technology to allow multiple users to share use of the spectrum through adaptive mechanisms that deconflict users in terms of time, frequency, code, and other signal characteristics.

George W. Bush now has a blog.  Problem is, according to Dave Winer, the RSS feeds are a mess.

The O'Reilly RSS Devcenter now maintains an RSS digest.

Here's an interesting controversy developing from one of our online services: personalized plate search.

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