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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Soon-to-be Governor Olene Walker named Gayle McKeachnie as her new lt. governor this morning.  Here are the details. New staff appointments will be made on Friday.
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States are meeting today and tomorrow with the FCC in Washington DC to discuss E-911 deployment.  The meetings are being streamed live.  The Emergency Services Interconnection Forum has developed a readiness packet checklist for Phase 2.  Chairman Powell of the FCC spoke this morning of the goals for the coordination initiative:

  • We all are committed to bringing the benefits of E911 technology to as many Americans as possible as quickly as is practicable;
  • We all recognize that such an effort requires extensive coordination and cooperation among all of the parties government, PSAPs, Carriers, ILECs, and the public;
  • We all believe that resources for E911 should be deployed at all levels in such a way that every dollar spent is spent to save lives;
  • We all believe that consumers need to know and understand what is possible from E911 and what to expect from their wireless phones;
  • and We all believe that parties should not obstruct E911 deployment based on unnecessary delay or procedural gamesmanship at the state or federal level.

Jim Stewart of UEN provides a brief summary of yesterday's UWIN technical committee meeting on his weblog.  Although a large share of potential UWIN users are law enforcement, we see it as much more than that, particularly as we focus more on the data component.  The governance board of UWIN will meet again in early November.

Usability.gov has developed a new guide for web design and usability.

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I'm worried about Lake Arrowhead.  I spent a week there several years ago.  It is a beautiful place.  This animation is pretty dramatic showing the fires as they move towards Arrowhead.  The fires have crossed Rim of the World near Crestline. 



The San Bernardino County Sheriff has issue this wanted poster of the suspected arson.  He is also wanted for felony murder for the deaths caused in the blaze.  People are being evacuated from Big Bear to Arrowhead.  That is a tremendous task when you know the evacuation routes.  The San Bernardino Sun has photo galleries of the incredible devastation caused by these fires.

Old CHP (through Oct. 25 as of this morning) dispatch logs are accessible online.  We recently had a meeting to create dispatch interoperability standards for use throughout the state that will make this kind of information available for incident command, etc.

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