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Radio in 2010

A VC: Radio in 2010 -> Radio in 2010 -> "The new emerging consumer devices, (iPod, Treo, cellphone, Gameboy, etc) are going to have radios in them. Id create a consumer electronics group to go make deals with all these manufacturers to insure that there are stored preset buttons on all of these devices and Id make sure that they come preconfigured with my stations on them when they are sold in my local markets.

Theres a lot more that Id do, but I think you all get the point. Id reinvent the radio business as an audio programming delivery company and organize it to be relevant on as many digital devices and over as many forms of audio delivery as one can imagine. Its not as simple a business, but it could be a lot more valuable over time than a radio station is today."

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New York Post -> Google is planning to launch a new feature to allow users to scour the Internet for audio and video clips.

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Great Health Improvements

HealthyDoctors' Free Valuable Health Information

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Audio By Ralph Zuranski about the Great Improvements In Ralph Dad's Conditon and Janet's Moms Recovery

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Traffic Jam Band ->  "A jamming party band based in East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. Members are Malene Millare (vocals & guitar); Pic Nipal (Keyboards); Klein Manlugon (Drums); Efren Ygana (Bass Guitar); Edmond Gandia (Rhythm Guitar) & Tony Villarica (Lead Guitar)."

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Unstructured Musings

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Blogger announced the creation of a new service called Audioblogger which allows you to phone in messages that would be instantly posted to your blog as a sound file which is identified with a tag that looks like this:

I'll confess that, at first, I didn't see that there would be much with in this service to me. After some reflection, however, I thought that it might be kind of cool to phone it readings of the poems that I post each Thursday. Although I sincerely believe that a poem must stand or fall on its text, alone, I think that a reading can offer certain levels of nuance that aren't available to plain text.

I've gone back and retroactively added audio links of my readings to all of the poems that I've already published. I will also do so on all future poems. All I ask is that you bear in mind that these were, literally, called in over a phone so the sound won't exactly be studio quality (to say nothing of the fact that I'm no James Earl Jones).

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Lost in Scotland

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Remembering Kauai in April

Fidgit's Big Fun Blog -> Remembering Kauai in April

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A little Re-rant from me about Dell this morning.....
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