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Tao, Steve, Dan Trio

Grand Rapids Classical Guitar Society -> Tao, Steve, Dan Trio ->

this is an audio post - click to play

The Tao, Steve, Dan Trio has entered the guitar combo scene: you are forewarned, L.A. Guitar Quartet! Listen:

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z6z blog
"z6z is M.C. Chance, who is Fuoad Shashani(don't bother trying to pronounce it). Chance is a veteran of a music "scene" from some little town, umh something to do with a word.......sponge? No that's not it, but whatever. Dating back to 1989, his previous bands include the Dingleberries, Elysian Fields, and Onion(?). Having grown weary(and maybe a little jaded) with "rock" bands, he has now set out on his own as z6z and owner/operator of Nestlenook records. Sequestered away in his studio of "Quantum Singularity Recording", he is busily tweeking out more...whatever, which is sure to be hailed as YET ANOTHER DORK FROM SEATTLE!!!(oh yeah, that's the town) "
Check out z6z's music at MP3unsigned!!

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We caught the real criminals!

So, Martha Stewart has been sentenced today. Has anybody else noticed that Enron is being allowed to come out of Chapter 11?

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Morning listening

This morning I discovered and listened to over 100 recent audio posts from bloggers in the BlogAudSphere. The audio postings include a drum solo and a rap sesson.  I tried to blog some of the most interesting and unique ones here.

If you use Click to see the playlists available for this audioblog entry at , you can listen to all of this morning audio post findings as a playlist. Enjoy!!

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Lasik..."Because seeing IS believing"

Jon Fulkerson, of Arkansas talks about his recent Lasik eye surgery.

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The one about some stupid song

Erin talks about how stupid songs sometimes get stuck in one's head.

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Drum solo

Flirty McTease - Playing the drums

This an audioblog of Steven of Lorton, Virginia playing the drums.

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Five Themes of Geography

Dynamic clock -> Five Themes of Geography

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W|CKEDZ DAILY BLOGGER -> Old granny behind the wheel ->

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Borrowed Dust -> icDiddy -> So, this is the that rap I was talking about.  It probably will not bring a smile to your face unless you work with me.  Chris, this one's for you, baby, and dedicated to all new sales guys. Enjoy.
this is an audio post - click to play

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