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Things about men which are often seen as flaws

John's Online JournalJohn's Online Journal -> Weekend Replay: Hunting Elephants With A Squirt Gun

John, a psychiatric social worker, writes a daily column about his life and his other adventures.

John in Florida 

Originally posted September 12, 2003. This post attempts to explain some of the things about men which are often seen as flaws. It is the silver lining, if you will, of some of the lesser appreciated male behaviors.

this is an audio post - click to play

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Feedster's Official DNC Bloggers Page

Feedster's Official DNC Bloggers Page will be another DNC blogger community site to keep an eye on this week.

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Howard Dean audio post from over a year ago

Americans through the use of their televisions and radio, will surely hear this week from Howard Dean at the DNC.  That's a given.  But will Americans remember who he is and what he stood for 12 months from now?  In the old days of mass media (radio and television) only communications the answer would of been no.  Past political presidential elections like the record business were filled with one hit (election) wonders.  But, will the Internet let voices like Dean's just go away?  I think the link (still available on the web today) below, from over a year ago answers the question and says it all. 

Blog for America ->

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

(Note: The Governor just posted this. It may take a while to open due to the volume of traffic. A transcript: "I'm Governor Howard Dean. I'm amazed by the incredible outpouring of support we've seen on the Internet today. We have 7 hours left until the midnight filing deadline. Thank you so much for all the help; thank you so much for making this history. This campaign is really moving, and I appreciate it.-- MG)

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Calling all audiobloggers at the DNC

Next week's Democratic National Convention  is surely a historical event for the weblog world.  Weblogging pioneer Dave Winer has even set up a community site just for bloggers participating in the DNC next week.  The new site is up and running now, so be sure to check it out and follow the DNC event from the webloggers perspective there all next week.

But what about audio posts and other weblog multimedia being captured at the DNC.  How do I find it?  The task for this weblog next week will be to discover and link to weblog audio posts and other multimedia from the DNC.  So, if you hear or see an interesting weblog post next week about or from the DNC, let me know.

...  and be sure to check back here each day next week to hear all (or any of) the audio posts from the DNC I come up with.

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Chinese Audiobloggers at BlogOn

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger -> Chinese blogging.

Question from Eric Rice's blog yesterday

So, um, who's audioblogging BlogOn?

Scoble's adds some depth about the Chinese audiobloggers at BlogOn.

"I did an audio blog for a Chinese weblog service. They have 100,000 webloggers on their service alone.

You know, there are tons of bloggers in Iran and China and Japan. Is anyone watching any of these markets and translating the good stuff to English?"

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BlogOn Audioblogs

Blog on blog -> Robert Scoble and Ross Mayfield audioblog from BlogOn 

Kevin Wen of a Chinese weblog service talks to Ross Mayfield and Robert Scoble at the BlogOn conference.  I think I even hear Marc Canter in the background of Scoble's audio post.

Ross Mayfield's audioblog  this is an audio post - click to play

Robert Scoble's audioblog  this is an audio post - click to play

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