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A Note To Jay Rosen: Conventions Aren't Failed, But They Play Failed on TV
by Matt Stoller

"This post has video and audio snippets in it - the video is of Jerry Springer at the MTV party, and then some general frat-like yet liberal grooving. Click on some of the pictures and the stuff moves!"

Duration of audio: 6 minutes 43 seconds
Here's an audio file of Matt Stoller and antiabortion protesters chatting it up.

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My view of the DNC so far has been from the eye of the 3 major networks:  Technorati, Feedster and Dave Winer's Convention Bloggers site.

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by Stirling Newberry
Duration: about 2 minutes

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Chris Lydon's BOPnews -> What's It All About? -> "On CNN Jeff Greenfield anchors a throw to David Sifty (in the bloggers' booth?) to find out what the blogosphere thought of Al Gore's speech. By the end of the week it will be well nigh impossible to know which is the head and which is the tail of the media beast (see also Joe Trippi as a cable TV regular). That's my guess, anyway."

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Wesley Clark speaking to the Veteran's Caucus today

Steve Garfields' Video Blog -> Wesley Clark speaking to the Veteran's Caucus


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Matt Gross -> Interviewing Journalists. "If you haven't been all that impressed with the blogging coverage of the convention thus far, it's because we can barely make it to our keyboards, what with all the journalists eager to get the "blogger story" done and in..."

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Steve Garfields' Video Blog -> Here's my third DNC video report

DNC Report: Blogger's Breakfast
Here's my third DNC Video Report: Blogger's Breakfast.
[ QuickTime 7.9 MB ]

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A Taste of My View

Reinvented @ DNC -> A Taste of My View  -> "Here's a short video that will give you some idea of my perspective of the podium down on the floor of the Fleet Center (with apologies for the retro TV theme; I can't figure out how to have dotmac show a plain, simply, video)."

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Audioblog from DNC: U.S. Congresswoman Hilda Solis

Marc Cooper's Radio Nation audioblog -> U.S. Congresswoman Hilda Solis -> "The Southern California labor-backed Democrat addresses the DNC on opening night and calls for a policy of energy independence."

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Audioblog from DNC: Antonio Villaraigosa Speaks On Jobs

Marc Cooper's Radio Nation audioblog  -> Antonio Villaraigosa Speaks On Jobs -> "The current L.A. City councilman and former California Speaker helps open the 2004 DNC. Widely rumored to be a possible Labor Secretary in a Kerry administration, Villaraigosa speaks out on behalf of a more just economy."

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Make someone's day at a Networking event

Achieve Your Success -> Make someone's day at a Networking event ->  

this is an audio post - click to play

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Scripting News -> "Today's audio blog post includes an interview with Matt Gross, formerly of Dean For America, and now chief blogger for North Carolina Senate candidate Erskine Bowles."

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