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Canon PowerShot SD110 -> Canon PowerShot SD110

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I need a camera for my study abroad trip and in general, and I found a great deal for a great camera: The Canon PowerShot SD110. I paid just over $400 for the camera, two 256 MB SD cards, a carrying case, and an extra battery (including shipping). I bought it from NewEgg, a well-respected online reseller.

Camera Features:

  • 3.2 Megapixels
  • 2.0x Optical Zoom
  • 3.2x Digital Zoom
  • 9-point AiAF focus system
  • Canon's DIGIC processor

It's nifty because it also comes with an external battery charger and can be hooked right up to a printer that supports it.

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Blogcasting the world. Eric Rice reports... powered by

[Eric Rice]

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Eric comments back

Eric Rice over at just commented the following to my recent post: Audioblogging community - plan B and I thought it was worth is own post for those who follow this blog through their RSS news readers.

Discovery of audio was one of the things we anticipated and I collaborated with Dave to get an audio-related version of up and running. When it was up, we at added the ability for each user to ping the audio service by default and per post. I'd love to our neighbors over audioblogger to do the same, if feasible.

We might be competitors (sorta), but we're all on the same side when it comes to giving the people a voice. :-)

I commented back the following:

Hey Eric,

First the good news, as infered in this blog post, I have been able to figure out how to search your "neighbors over at" audio posts, using Technorati and Feedster.

The bad news: I have not been able to figure out how to search the community using Technorati and/or Feedster and seek you help or tips on doing so. Only you, I believe can help me.

For the record, I think the idea of the audioblogging pinger is a great one and I'm looking forward to watching it develop into a great audioblogging discovery tool of it's own. It will surely be a great way to keep an eye on recent posts to the BlogAudSphere. But as you know, like any new tool under development, it will take time to build up and to develop it to it's future potential.

But, what if I as an audio post listener/router wanted to search through all of the community's audio posts say posted for the last week or in the last 24 hours. I'm not talking or infering that using any kind of special way to search within the audio itself(although I must say, that would be cool). I'm talking about simply searching through the supporting texted titles and texted descriptions of the audio posts.

What are the options available today for me to do that within the community? Could Google help me with this task? How about Feedster or Technorati or some other mature JIT weblog search engine?

I as an audioblogging listener/router really want to give some of my attention to the many audiobloggers in communities likes yours and am looking for tips on how to discover what's really out there.

Opening up and designing audioblogging/posting communities to feed the existing Internet/weblog search engines in my opinion only makes the audio post tool/community stronger for their users.

Also, I assume that any audioblogger that posts their audio posts to the public Internet wants to be heard by the biggest Internet audience possible. But to really do that, we need the best practices from the communities themselves to guide us in using the already matured discovery tools that are there on the Internet today.

Any help, insights and/or best practices one should follow to easily search and find audio posts in the community using say Google, Technorati or feedster would be greatly appreciated.

I just want to hear all my neighbor's voices.

Thanks in advance Eric!

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