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Goldman from the floor

Photo by Shellen

noah glass ->
"Jason Goldman et al have finally made it onto the floor of the DNC after a brief detour through an Indiana Jones themed political party. Over the crowd noice eleveated by Rev. Al Sharpton taking the stage, he tells us what it is like down there on the floor. Listen in..."

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DNC: Student reporters' moblog

Eight student reporters are covering the DNC using their mobile phone cameras. Featuring stills and a couple of QuickTime movies, the Wireless Election Connection Moblog has some good shots, and is a great example of newsgathering's future. Randy Covington, the professor heading the project, tells LR: "As I watched the networks this morning, they were flogging the same three or four stories. Thanks to our mobility, we are generating more stories and posting them with the immediacy of broadcast."

Posted by Steve Safran

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Listen to my Ghazal!

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