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The Gillmor Gang with special guest Dave Winer

IT Conversations (with enclosures) -> The Gillmor Gang: July 29, 2004. "Love him or hate him, Dave Winer has had a huge impact on the Internet as we know it. Blogging and RSS? They might not exist if it weren't for Dave. Live from the Democratic National Convention, Dave joined The Gillmor Gang to discuss and the reaction it has received from the traditional press who have no idea what's under the covers. Dave says the DNC is "truly visionary" and have accepted this "technology transplant" but they probably don't realize what they've done. This could be the the turning point for RSS--when it becomes just another part of the infrastructure.

Where will blogging and RSS go? Deeper into local politics? Are RSS and the web as powereful as talk radio on a 50,000-watt AM station? Dave and The Gang also debate the importance and future of audio blogging and the need to link to or excerpt multimedia content. It's one thing to download a one-hour show to an iPod, but when you can blog a sound bite as easily as you can a text byte, then look for a boom. You'll hear this and much more in another great edition of The Gillmor Gang."

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