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Video reply to Charles Cooper's article at CNET

Video blog. "I've blogged a video reply to Charles Cooper's article at CNET. Real Player (7mb...Possibly not working. Sorry.) Quicktime (11mb) Windows MediaPlayer (3.5mb) Why videoblog it? It's an experiment. (PS: Don't forget Dan Bricklin's reply to Cooper.) Chris Lydon captures a lot of truth about the Convention, including by interviewing Jay Rosen...." [Joho the Blog]

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Steve Garfields' Video Blog -> Steve Garfield interviews Boston comedian Tim McIntire

"Here's my seventh DNC video blog report: Tim McIntire.
[ QuickTime 4.8 MB ]"

"This time I went into the theatre disctrict to interview Boston comedian Tim McIntire just before he went on stage for a John Kerry fundraiser."

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Phoblographer* -> Response of Kerry's speech from San Francisco

This audio post is from Christiana Dominguez.  Christiana currently serves as the Parliamentarian of the California Young Democrats and the Chair of the Hastings Democratic Caucus .

this is an audio post - click to play

"The audiopost is a rundown of some of Kerry's speech highlights. It didn't need to be an audiopost - but hey, if you have the technology . . . . sure impressed the people I interviewed with it at the Marriott. (Uh, too bad about it not working in the end.)"

The Marriott Hotel Christiana refers to is in San Francisco.

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A 20ish view  -> posted by Vanessa Aware - Vanessa Aware, a 22 year old student talks about Kerry's speech at the DNC and her other views of the convention.
this is an audio post - click to play Posted by Hello

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