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Dave's autoblogs his morning coffee notes from the roads of New Mexico

A new audio post, call it Interstate 25 Diet Coke While Driving Notes. [Scripting News]

Dave is basically doing some autoblogging today, something I first did, coined the name and wrote about almost two years ago (9/21/2002).

Dave's posted some photos and a map to go along with his audio post.  Adding of the photos and map really adds to the experience of listening to this multimedia post.

Pictures that go with the audio: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Roughly the place where today's audio was recorded. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

Dave's made the statement that he wished he had satellite radio:

I thought I had all the digital driving gadgets one geek could want, but Rogers has something I don't have but lust for: satellite radioPermanent link to this item in the archive.

Besides always on WIFI, I bet Dave wished he also had the ability to listen to the BlogAudSphere as he's drives and discovers New Mexico today.  Unlike satellite radio, BlogAudSphere radio (or whatever we call it) will be interactive, two-way and always relevant.  All things consumer radio, including satellite radio are not.

Besides the lack of WIFI coverage (which is no big surprise), I wonder what the cell phone signal coverage has been like along Dave's travel route today in New Mexico?

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Audioblogging community - plan B

Even though I'm seeing the amount of audio posts in the Blogosphere growing every day/week,  I don't believe and can't convince myself that anybody else that follows the blogging space is seeing the growth I'm seeing (unless of course they been following this blog this week).  That's a pretty strong and bold statement, but the reason I feel this way is because I'm not seeing any of the text bloggers (A or Z list), blogging or quoting any of the many audio posts I'm finding.  Despite that fact,  the amount of audio posts in the BlogAudSphere continues to grow each day.   

Not to long ago, I wrote that it was time to bootstrap a community around audio posts and audioblogs.  Discovery and a way to increase the awareness of the growing audioblogging community was on my mind when I made this statement.  Unfortunately, since I made that statement I don't believe we witnessed any real progress in moving the audioblogging community forward that is needed to move to the next level, a growing community of listeners and audio blogging routers. Yet again, despite that fact,  the amount of audio posts in the BlogAudSphere continues to grow each day.  

Because of the obvious lack of easy audio post discovery tools out there, over the past week I've been researching and experimenting with some ideas on how one can efficiently discover  this growing category of audio posts.  The methods I'm using right now are crude, but they're working and helping me discover and tune into a whole new audio world.  If you been following this blog this past week, you've maybe witnessed or listened to some of the results of these tools first hand as I've used these beta ideas/methods to find all the audio posts posted here over the past week.

So here's my plan:

  1. First, I will continue to use this blog to highlight some of the best audio posts I'm finding using my current set of beta audio discovery methods.  I'll keep developing my methods for finding these audio posts (hopefully some of the audioblogging posting services will jump in and help me.  Hey Eric and Noah!!  Time to speak up if you have ideas and can help! I could really use your input/help here.).  The goal I'm giving myself for next month (August), is to find a couple thousand new audio posts over the month and post a minimum of the best 300 new audio posts (posted in August), averaging about 10 a day, to this blog.  I can only meet my goals for step 1 efficiently if I can develop the right set of tools to support my efforts.  As I identify some of the best audio posts here on the blog, I will communicate to the authors/audiobloggers/artist (probably through the comments of the individual audio posts)  that I am adding their audio posts to my collection.
  2. I don't want to anticipate the next step to much ahead, but in the month of September I plan to make available somehow some of the tools, in some web based form, that I'm using to help me in step 1.

My goal is simple.  Bootstrap a beta/crude/beginning/basic web based tool that could serve as a foundation to build or base a future audioblogging community around... by September!!

You'll have to either trust me for now, but after August; hopefully like me you'll be convinced that the phenomenon I speak about above is really beginning to happen. 

I'm just really getting tired of waiting for someone else to show you all what I've been seeing up front for months.   We all need to be on the same page now.  All I can say is "enough already, time to deliver the proof of the space/domain/goods/phenomenon".

Stay tuned.

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Delores Boone speaks the truth about soap

Blind Chance: David Faucheux's Audio Web Log -> Soap Bubbles II: David F. talks to soap expert Delores Boone on the glories of making your own

this is an audio post - click to play 

Do-it-yourself soap can be cheaper and easier on your body, especially if you have chemical sensitivities. That's what Delores Boone, author of Hand Crafted Soap, told David Faucheux tonight. Check out the audio of his interview with her.

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It's really hot in Seattle
z6z reports that it's really hot today in Seattle.
this is an audio post - click to play

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An Amazing day

this is an audio post - click to play

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Where am I?
this is an audio post - click to play

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