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Ninja Stu makes needed changes to the DNC Blogger WIFI network

ninja stu -> Policing the wireless network -> "I made a bunch of changes to the wireless network over on the northeast side of the bowl this morning. The bloggers were connecting to a single AP up on the 9th floor, but now I've got them spread out over three APs down in the bowl. The signal is stronger, and I'm kicking myself for not doing that earlier. "

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audio blog live from the Democratic Nation Convention

noah glass -> audio blog live from the Democratic Nation Convention

this is an audio post - click to play

"The audio post above is of a brief conversation with Jason Goldman who is wandering around in the designated protest areas at the Democratic Nation Convention. This is Blogger at the DNC. Stay tuned for soon as they have credentials."

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David Weinberger on CBS

Joho the Blog -> David Weinberger on CBS -> "I'm just full of myself today, but here are links to two interviews with Larry Magid, whose writing on tech I've admired for years, that ran on CBS Radio. I'm at the Convention and unable to hear them, so I'm posting 'em blind. Um, deaf. Ulp. First MP3 Second MP3

If I sound like a moron, technically there's no need to point that out to me. Thank you. "

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Audio interview with Rod O'Connor, CEO of the Democratic National Convention

Jay Rosen's pressthink -> Audio interview with Rod O'Connor, CEO of the Democratic National Convention

link to audio interview

Duration is about 14 minutes


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What John Kerry Can Learn From FDR
by Stirling Newberry

MP3: How to make it the Pax, and not the Pox, Americana

"Owning the symbolism of 911 is crucial. While George Bush is benefiting from a bi-partisan whitewashing consensus about the reasons for 911 itself, what he cannot do is get away from his model of terrorism as being about individuals.

Kerry knows this, and has been trying to make the case since his campaign started, the problem is, he's using George Bush's vocabulary of closing, rather than the Democratic one of openning."

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Audio interview with Minnesota candidate for the House, Patty Wetterling.

Scripting News -> Audio interview with Minnesota candidate for the House, Patty Wetterling. I did the interview with Natasha Celine of Pacific Views. We're in the Democratic News Service; they are "dedicated to getting great stories for the bloggers."

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NPR--> Bloggers Offer Intimate View of Convention

from Morning Edition, Tuesday , July 27, 2004

"For the first time, writers of Web logs -- online journals of news and opinion -- have been granted journalist credentials for a political convention. Bloggers at the Democratic gathering in Boston offer a more passionate, opinionated view of goings-on than that of traditional journalists. Hear NPR's Robert Smith."

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Duration: 7 minutes 56 seconds

"This is an audio interview with a pro-life Democrat."

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Slipping Up The Ladder
by Stirling Newberry
Duration: 1 minute 58 seconds

"Audioblog commentary on the convention: last night's speeches and what the point to."

MP3: Slipping up the ladder.

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Rhapsody Music Service Now iPod Compatible

eHomeUpgrade -> Rhapsody Music Service Now iPod Compatible. "Real is about to win over some new converts with the announcement of their ingenious “Harmony” software plug-in that converts Rhapsody purchased music files into compatible DRM-protected FairPlay files for iPod playback. For those unfamilair, FairPlay is the digital rights management standard Apple uses to protect songs from unauthorized copying and playback. “A spokesman for Real said its engineers worked out a way for its files to be compatible with FairPlay solely through analysis of publicly-available information. The new software will recognize MP3 players as they are connected to the user's computer, convert the DRM wrapping around the file as... "

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Better then best effort

Nate Knows Nada -> Trying to blog at the DNC

DNC Day 1 is history and it seems from these and others posts I've read, someone really dropped the ball in setting up the DNC blogger bullpen (Internet connections) properly.  For an event this big, the network plan needed to be way better then the "best effort" attention it got.  This has forced some bloggers into reactive/Plan B mode.  

Hopefully the bloggers watching and going to the RNC will learn from this lack of network/WIFI design/planning and testing.   RNC bloggers should demand an enterprise quality network with the proper design, support and resources needed to blog all day successfully from the RNC.  If at all possible, make sure the WIFI network is load tested to meet the requirements of bloggers, at all access points, days before the RNC event.

"I had to come home to my dial-up access to get onto my blog.

Permit me to complain for a bit.  This morning we were told that we were an important part of the future direction of political interaction.  But then we got to the convention site, and the three odd dozen of us were supposed to cram into a space with 12 chairs.  At least half of us couldn't access the WiFi network that we had been told had been specially set up for our use so that we could blog.  There were no tech people that we could get in contact with.

Half an hour ago, according to an e-mail I just got, they added another access point that might work.

So after a day of frustratingly trying to blog, like I had asked and been asked to do, I'm going to give up for tonight and try to do this again tomorrow."


Ninja Stu knows what's up: "The blogger's wireless space has taken a beating. At one point there were 31 devices associated to one AP. I'm struggling to come up with a solution (already turned up the power and set up another nearby AP to accept connections), but this area is at a weird, nonlogical intersection between subnets. The Verizon guys who laid the drops really weren't paying too much attention to where would be a good place to locate a bunch of drops coming from the same switching closet. So tonight, even though I'm beat like a dog, I'll be up all night trying to find a solution to this problem."

Comment I left for Ninja Stu:

If you had 31 devices on one AP, IMHO I believe the problem is that everyone is trying to get on the same AP and overloading and jamming it on the wireless side. IMHO, you need to get more APs in the area to share the load.

One idea for load balancing might be to try using 3 APs in the same space. The APs would need to be setup as 3 separate and unique/non-overlapping networks(there are 3 channels that are far enough apart to not interfere with each other in the same space/vacinity).

Even though the 3 access points are in the same space/vacinity, because they are named differently and configured to 3 channels that don't overlap, you should be able to load balance by assigning users to an access point/network.

With 31 devices trying to connect today, using the 3 APs would get your load down to 10 devices per AP (which is still high but ok)

Hope that helps. Wish I was there to help you.

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