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Friday, April 05, 2002

Random Wacky Trivia for the Day

I wrote a FAQ engine for a mailing list.  Then it had to support translated entries.  Now I'm internationalizing the UI.  Sigh....  Anyone need a multilingual FAQ engine that supports a dynamic UI?  Anyway, email in Spanish is Email while Database is 'Base de datos'  Go figure. 

Anyway, full article on how to localize your php applications coming out by Tuesday on

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Blocking Ads without Software

A friend sent me the url to block the DoubleClick cookies.  Didn't work for me.  Here's what I did: Map the to -- ad windows pop up but no ads.  Very easy and doesn't muck with your browser at all. 

NOTE - I feel bad about this since I do think that sites have a right to show me ads if I use them but the ads are so damn untargeted that I don't feel all that bad.

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The Veil is Pierced: I Understand How to Build my Own Themes in Radio!

Flash of brilliance!  Blinding light!  The bulb just lit!  The development environment makes sense!  Drat.  Where did the theme I saved just go?  Still, progress is bit by bit.  Look for "Hacking Radio Themes" to come soon.

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A Cool New Knowledge Management Website

If you're into the Knowledge Management space, you should check out  Its run by Phil Murray, a very talented KM expert.  Good stuff.

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I'm 34 and Feel Like My Grandfather But Here's a Way to Make $$$ from Instant Messaging

Last night a friend in Europe wanted to transfer a large file to me.  We started out as an http download.  It went slowly so he IM'd me and said "Let me IM it to you".  I was absolutely aghast -- it was a 65 MEGABYTE file!  This is where I feel old -- I'd never even have thought of this.  My first computer had 4K of ram and no mass storage (well tape but that really doesn't count).  Times really have changed.

Note to people making IM software: Want to either make more money or cut your costs?  Introduce an IM Pro edition (Yahoo Messenger Pro or AOL Instant Messenger Pro) that tells the sender "File too big.  Do you want to upgrade?".  Don't penalize the receiver, penalize the sender.  This way you might not have anyone sign up, but the software dev costs are really minimal:

  1. Check file size before send.
  2. Check user account
  3. Prompt

Even if you don't get a single person to sign up, this will dramatically cut your bandwidth costs.  I can't be the only person who got a way too large file this way.  It had to cost AOL a bundle -- and I'm not even an AOL customer, just an AIM user.  People who still need to do this won't be hurt that much, we have FTP, HTTP, etc. 

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Woo Hoo!  The FAQ Gets a Glossary

My Radio FAQ gets a glossary.  My personal decoding of Radio continues...

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