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Monday, April 29, 2002

New Story Added: Open Source 101

I just wrote a new story: Open Source 101 which gives a short overview of Open Source from a non-technical perspective.  I wrote this for a client that I am pitching on an Open Source project to explain to their board of directors why this is a good thing.

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Updates to the OPML Stuff

I made a bunch of fixes today.  Tomorrow will be more no doubt.  Here's today:

  • Dramatically improved the speed of the chooseio.php routine by moving to a include file listing all IOs rather than a direct database query.  I'll regenerate this multiple times per day until I stuff it in a scheduled script.  Hey!  Maybe I can write a UserTalk script to automate this (It's just an http post).  Hm....   Dave's gonna get me into UserTalk soon.  Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

  • Fixed automatic hyperlinks in plain text when the http:// is missing 

  • Made a first pass at implementing the subscribe coffee cup in the rendered outlines and then pulled it due to missing parameters. 

  • Added support for hyperlinks that aren't embedded in url elements (i.e. just as plain text)  

  • Deleted all of Paolo's internal outlines from the back end database. I had a very nice exchange with him about his stuff and how a bunch of purely internal URLs made it out into the cloud.  I permanently excluded them from the db.  If anyone else doesn't want there stuff included in this OPML url database then email

  • Switched the whole network I/O to Snoopy.  Much, much better!  A bit slower but it returns errors!  Praise Be!

  • Fixed problems with IO urls containing single ' characters (hm... is that even legal?)

For the record, the OPML url database driving this now has 235 distinct OPML urls in it.  Not bad, not bad.  If I wrote a link walker for every OPML url then it would probably expand a whole bunch more.  Hm....

Tools used include PHP, MySQL and Snoopy -- a really, really good Network I/O class for PHP. It doesn't require a full rebuild like Curl so it's much friendlier in hosted environments.

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