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Monday, April 08, 2002

Why MSN Messenger is Evil!  And, Yes, it Feels like Illegal Tying to Me

Over my better judgement, I recently signed up for MSN Messenger via HotMail.  I've been a dedicated Yahoo Mail user since 99, love it to death but I needed to use Messenger for a client who wasn't going to Change.  I've used occasional since that and happened to start it today.  Talked to the client and then Right Clicked in the toolbar area (what's the real name for that place at the lower right hand edge of the screen, anyway?).  I chose Exit and, lo and behold, look what popped up:


This is just plain evil!  Its wrong to waste my productivity (closing everything down takes time) just to promote your market share.  I have to shut down all my browsers AN Dclose Outlook just to get this piece of garbage off my system?  That is not only technically ridiculous (since I launched it after Outlook and I.E. were already running) but it feels like illegal product tying.  Where's the DOJ?  Anyone got an email address? 

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And So I Return to a Regular Job (sort of)

It's Monday.  And I have a job -- kind of.  I now have a regular gig revising the marketing materials and such for a small environmental consulting and software company in Hingham, MA --  Its very, very strange to wake up and have a quasi schedule all of a sudden.  True, this is only 8 to 10 hours per month, or 3 to 4 hours per week, but it feels good to have structure.

NOTE to Potential Clients Out there.  Looking for a very skilled product manager / web developer who also is a skilled writer, I have the following time slots available:

168 hours per week 
- 49 hours Sleep, avg 7 hours per night
- 4 hours for CMI
- 11 hours per week personal maintenance (eating, etc)
- 4 hours per week playing with cats

- 20 hours per week for additional client
- 20 hours per week developing new tools to make Email less awful

60 Hours Available Per Week for Other Clients!

Yes, I have no life whatsoever but I do have 60 hours available per week for other clients...  Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge!

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New FAQ Addition

I added a new section on what you should do before changing your template to my Radio FAQ.

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