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Friday, April 26, 2002

Whew!  Never, Ever Add Code When Trying to Go Away from the Weekend

"Well DUH! says the experienced software engineer".  Yes, I know this.  Yes I used to beat up my engineers for this when I had engineers. Still working without a net is _interesting_.  I added logging of OPML urls to my Choose IO to View page and then started navigating through OPML documents.  Everytime I hit an OPML file with links to other OPML files, these were added to the database.  Then when I went back to the choose page, more were displayed.  Very cool.  Until, of course, I hit xml parsing errors.  Sigh.  Fixing XML parsing errors when running out the door is NOT a good time.  So I figured out which ones had problems and suppressed them.  It looks like the error is coming from incorrect network IO causing 0 bytes of information to be retrieved and then parsing 0 bytes of XML causes the inevitable error.  The solution is to move to CURL, a much better way of handling network IO in php.  Think of it as LWP if you are a Perl programmer (and ignore that comment if you aren't).  So, for now, some OPML urls won't be displayed.  All OPML urls are being logged to the database and I should be able to fix this next week.

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A Bunch of OPML Fixes and Improvements

I got up early and made a bunch of fixes and improvements here at "Scott's House of OPML" (as inspired by UserLand).  The biggest change is that all Instant Outline URLs are now logged to a MySQL table so that you always have access to the Instant Outlines that you have seen before but may not show up on the list of changed Instant Outlines.  Here are the other changes:

  • Released all files into the "wild".  Enjoy!
  • Added a section at bottom of Choose Instant Outline to View page listing all instant outlines available  
  • Added db logging of every opml url encountered from or embedded within an Instant Outline.  This gives a much broader selection of Instant Outlines to view 
  • Improved error message for when an IO is denied access due to a security violation from a .HTACCESS file (sorry for not yet passing the login info, perhaps next week)
  • Added the Instant Outline icon   before every link to an OPML file
  • Fixed incorrect script being called by above form.  Sigh.  Stupid FrontPage renaming glitch.

I'm offline all weekend (vacation) so no changes until Monday.  For the one or two people who read this page, if you find bugs in this stuff, my cell phone # is on my main home page and I will check messages and try and correct any glitches from the road.

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