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Thursday, April 18, 2002

What's a Blog or This One's For You Gretchen!

I had drinks with a friend last night and I was relating to her my excursions into "BlogLand" and tried to draw analogies to it from newsgroups, email and such without, I am afraid, perfect success.  She's damn smart, she probably gets it but just in case I thought I'd write this up.  True, I could have shown her examples from my laptop but it was one of those first warm days in Boston and sitting on my front porch was just too damn wonderful.  So, this essay is for you Gretchen.  The most Random blog entry for me yet:

Food Shopping Tips for the Unemployed (former) Tech Worker

Like so many others that are currently unemployed right now (although I do consult, I say stridently but with a grin), I've had to "adjust" my standards a bit.  Here are some examples:

  • Protein.  Largely optional unless it is in the form of beans of some sort.
  • Frozen Food.  "Fugeddit about it" to quote Tony Soprano.  When you're unemployed you have nothing but time anyway....
  • Become Friends with the Generic Foods Aisle.  Take pasta sauce... Prego, I think not.  "Alberto Francesco" or some other quasi italian sounding name that actually came from Cleveland
  • Cereal.  First, ignore any brands that you have ever heard of.  Second, look for those really, really big family size bags (they're a lot cheaper than boxes)
  • Tuna.  It is your friend.  It is the closest that you'll come to protein this month.
  • Canned Soup.  Nope.  Its damn expensive on the meals per $ ratio (i.e. 1 can of Progresso is $2.19 and that is really one meal.  That's a low meals per $ ratio)
  • And, I have to close with one thing: Store Brands Are Your Friend!

So, here's my thought Gretchen: Start a blog of your own.  Write on on Yoga.  Write one on searching for a mate.  Write one on wrestling with issues and self discovery.  Just write.  People will read it.

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