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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Feedback: It's Why We Write for Weblogs

My word!  What a great feeling.  I noticed that Dave linked to my Marketing Software When You are A Small Company article last night just before crashing (exhausted) after a day of PHP, Proposal Writing, Creating Product Literature, Fixing Code, etc.  I just woke up and dragged myself off to the keyboard only to find 3 wonderfully nice comments on the article encouraging me in this area.  There will definitely be some follow-on essays in the next week or so including:

  • The 60 Minute Piece of Product Literature
  • Drop Dead Simple Competitive Research
  • Trademark Searches Without an Attorney
  • Marketing Yourself When You Are a Consultant

If there are other high tech marketing topics that you want to see, drop a line to and I'll see what I can do.  

Back to the topic of the title of this post: Feedback.  I'm the author of a book, numerous articles (DDJ and Communications of the ACM among others) but I've never gotten feedback like I have from publishing on my weblog.  And, readers, this, feedback, is why we write.  To be totally honest, I'd rather receive a scorching flame than nothing at all.  So, the moral of the story is:

If you like something, tell the author. 

Most authors for weblogs seem to like hearing from their readers.  God knows that I do.  And if our readers tell us then more on that topic will get written.  UserLand provides the Anonymous Email service if the author doesn't want to post their address because of spam (disclaimer: I'm doing the marketing and product design for a cutting edge next gen spam tool right now, so bring it on...). 

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