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Saturday, April 13, 2002

Hey!  Amazon's Hiring Again!

The last time I checked out Amazon's jobs page was a few months ago (February) and there was a relative drought of jobs -- damn close to none.  I just checked again and, lo and behold, there are A LOT OF JOBS.  Between 20 and 40 (although I didn't count exactly).  The last time it was between 5 and 10.  This is a great sign.  Checking out when company jobs pages is great way to tell how things really are -- you can lie about financials (Enron) but less so about this.  For all of the flaws that Amazon might have, they remain the single best e-commerce site.

View Jobs Page

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And Another User Helps to Document Radio

I just discovered The Shifted Librarian's radio docs.  Nice job!  I learned some cool things.  Recommended.

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Microsoft Office XP: What Were They Thinking?  Did They Ever Use It?

Because of a new product that I'm (and a friend) are developing that improves Outlook and email significantly, I had to install Office XP for testing purposes.  The only thing that I have to say is pretty simple: What were they thinking?  Really.  Here is just one example.  Take a look at the screen below:

Notice the little clipboard icon: .  Here's the bloody awful thing: IT DOESN'T GO AWAY!  I first figured that if I scrolled up, it would leave me alone so I could focus on my writing.  Here's what happened:

Yup.  That's right.  Its just higher up.  HELP!  Office icons have invaded my daily work.  What do I do?

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PHP and User Registration

And so, my Saturday mornings seem to be defined by "Write a PHP article for".  I'm in the process of whipping out a "Handling Users and Passwords" article that covers this topic in full including: 

  • Registration
  • Validation
  • Validation Recommendations
  • Password Encryption
  • Emailing User Signup Details
  • User Login

Including code, its now at 3571 words without including the login routines so its pretty thorough.  This is the same code that I use to write user signups on all the webservices that I'm currently building.  This includes some new free services for Radio users.  Hint, hint, wink, wink.  I'll write about these shortly.  The article isn't live yet but if anyone out there is doing PHP and needs this, email me and I'll get you a "preprint" (as if that term really means something in this new post paper environment).


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