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Sunday, April 21, 2002

RoboHelp: It Makes No Sense to Me

I'm in the middle of building the help system for a new software product that myself and a partner are writing.  The docs are about 70% done and since we want to post them on our website, I started them in FrontPage and I now have nicely formatted HTML with pictures.  I need to make the CHM help file and downloaded RoboHelp.  I just don't get it.  Not at all.  Here you have what looks to be a wonderful product, great ui, etc.  Every feature that I think you could want. 

Except one.  Copy and Paste of formatted text.  I have no bloody idea why it doesn't work.  Or if it was designed to.  Seems insane.  Even if I copy from FrontPage to Word and then Copy and Paste back into RoboHelp, it still doesn't get formatting.  And this is a product that embeds word as an editing engine.

Bizarre.  Some days you just don't get the world.  I'm totally bummed.  I wanted to like the product.  I've always hated the MS help compiler but I think I'm just gonna get over there and get it.

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