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Monday, May 06, 2002

Infoworld Before and After: The Visuals for Comparison's mention of InfoWorld before and after led to this "microstory" showing just the screens (too big for a blog entry).  It's interesting.  He's right -- it looks sexier now but it's a lot less functional for the main purpose: reading on screen.  Something to think about.

==> Infoworld Before and After <==

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Marketing 101: It's All About Trust

Permission Marketing.  The Clue Train Manifesto. 
Opt-In Email.  Fill in Trendy Marketing Term Here.

It seems like every few years another marketing idea or meme hits the business world and people spend millions of dollars trying to implement it.  Sometimes these are good ideas, sometimes they're bad ideas.  But let's talk about the essence of marketing: Trust.  If, as we argued earlier, marketing is the creation of demand then for a purchase to occur the the purchaser must trust the seller.  Otherwise why would you give them your money?

==> Read Rest of Essay <==

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Thank You Dave!  Or Blogs are Read World Wide

I just added this page to my Marketing 101 home page (this is a revised version of the Marketing Software When You are a Small Company article) to my home page and I thought it was really, really relevant here too:

World Wide Response!

Anyone who thinks blogging is just a fad should look at the map below.  Within 2 weeks of publishing just one short article, Marketing Software When You're a Small Company, I have heard back from:

  • India

  • Australia

  • Indonesia 

  • Scotland

  • United States, multiple states

  • Canada

  • Holland

  • And more every day!

Image Courtesy of, available here.

There is no question that Dave's link to it helped incredibly and this points out the real truth: Blogs are being read world wide even over slow links (one of my best contacts is on a 28.8 link in India).

I'll color code the map later to show the countries but the response from people in BlogLand has been incredible.  Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and kind words.  Based on your response I've dramatically expanded the scope (7 plus articles now planned) but I'm going keep it focused on the same practical, example based approach.  A full opml based outline is available from the marketing 101 home page.

NOTE: If you go to the Marketing 101 home page you'll find some of my own rules broken -- a few missing links and such.  This was built late last night after auditing my email and seeing the countries involved.  I'm consciously breaking my own rules here since I'm only making it available to the wonderful people in BlogLand.

Being in the U.S. sometimes makes you forget how big the whole world really is and that by no means is high tech a U.S. thing -- it's a global phenomenon and small tech companies are cropping up everywhere.  These are often even 1 or 2 man shops and this series of articles is really, really aimed at the little guy (I'm a little guy too).

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