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Friday, May 31, 2002

And So, Jon Too, Does it Better than Me (the Ted Nelson Saga Again)

If you're interested in Ted Nelson then Jon Udell did an excellent job of writing this up -- and of pointing out how the web is fundamentally different than things were 10 years ago.  Recommended.

And, even though everyone else linked to this recently, Jon's piece on social networking in BlogSpace is excellent.  Recommended.

Once again I feel the "wish I did that" or "dumb, dumb, dumb" effect.

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Making a Difficult Decision: When You Decide to NOT Ship

Tomorrow, June 1st, myself and a partner, were supposed to announce a new product for bloggers.  This is the first real product I've released in a couple of years and I just had to make a difficult decision: To Wait.  I'm going to give you some background info (feel free to skip over it, this is a blog, not an advertisement, that's the reason why pricing info is omitted).

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NOTE: You may see the "What Am I Selling" link on the left of my blog.  Now that I am close to selling stuff, the obligatory disclaimer.

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