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Saturday, May 25, 2002

About the O'Reilly Review!  Email me and me detailed!

To Jeremy Bowers

  1. Fine.  I got the name wrong.  Search and Replace.  Big deal.  I'll bet you don't say "Microsoft Word" every time either.  I call it Radio.  I'm a blogger with an informal style.  I call it Radio every day and NO ONE has ever corrected me. 
  2. A book is more formal.  Done.  It'll be 2 words them.
  3. No problem with 5335, huh.  Wrong!  Here's why:
  4. Um. If you don't use either 80 or 5335 and try to switch it LIKE THE PRODUCT PROMPTS YOU TO then it don't work. And, if the person can't install it, then they aren't going to be a user. That's why I covered install in depth.  More on the firewall:

    Not true at all. Remember that I'm also using apache on the same machine? Well I wanted to be able to access the blog and apache from outside my firewall ($149 Linksys). So I tell the firewall to forward 5335 requests from outside to 5335 inside (since the firewall itself wants 80 for admin). When you are in this situation and having a real web server that can serve files is not uncommon at all then you do have issues. I've never been able to get Radio to work on other than 5335 or 80. And I've gotten email from I believe at least one other person on this issue.

  5. Now.  Maybe I am weird but other users do have web servers and if they do then this will trip them up.  And if they can't get it installed they'll never learn about Radio, will they.  For more on how users actually evaluate software, please see this.

To memoria_technica

  1. sjohnson@fuzzygroup.com -- I can't fix what you don't tell me.  Since I'm not an approved member of Radio-dev, I don't have your address.  Anyone out there that knows memoria, please pass this on.  he's not _now_ online.  Here's your comment again:
  2. Is radio-dev the place to discuss the public review draft of "Essential
    Blogging"? (
    http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/1440 )

    My own first reactions to the Radio chapters (3 and 7) were quite negative (I see this materiel, in its current form, as potentially damaging to the Radio market/UserLand).
  3. Just give me a little bit more to work with, that's all I ask.

Why don't I belong to Radio-Dev? Hate the interstitial ads.  Hate them.  Hate them.


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