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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

What a Brave New World Blogging is Building!

People who don't blog don't understand how the world is literally changing because of blogging.  I talk to my friends about blogging and they look at me with eyes that say "Poor Scott, He's gone just plain loopy again".  I honestly don't talk to non-bloggers about blogging in a personal context (for business, I'll talk your ear off).  But blogging is changing everything.  Let me give a really practical example of this:

  • At 8:54 am est I posted my latest marketing stuff.
  • At 11:20 am est I emailed someone in Norway saying "It's available".
  • At 11:36 am est I emailed someone in Italy saying "It's available".
  • At 1:03 pm est, I got into a discussion via IM with a person in Norway asking if one of my email recommendations was actually legal (it is, at least in the U.S.).
  • At 1:14 pm est I got this (Yahoo IM) from Italy:

namedeleted: Hello Scott... just wanted to tell you that I have gone trough only the first of your pieces, and I have already created a few new email aliases and I'm posting an order on our intranet to get everybody to use the same signature  - thanks.

Let's think about this a bit in terms of communications and Knowledge Management:

  1. A pretty much unknown person in Boston, that none of these people would know if they walked past me on the street, has built a reputation over a month and a half writes something online.
  2. He notifies people that he knows would appreciate the material.
  3. Within 2 hours there is both a discussion of it going on and, more importantly, an implementation.

This is, to me, real Knowledge Management -- knowledge was created (in my head), represented (in my blog) and then people were notified (email) and then confirmation occurs (via IM).

I don't want to get sucked into the debate as whether or not my suggestion was 100% correct or not (and that's why I didn't link to it).  To me that's not the important issue.  The issue for me is that one person, working out of his house, can affect organization's 3,000 miles away across two different cultural boundaries.  Yes, the person in Norway didn't neccessarily take advantage of my suggestion but he was exposed to it and that's what was important.

Brave New World, Folks, Brave New World.

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I'm Sorry Joe!

Earlier this week I referenced Joe Jenett's Radio Simplicity theme available from http://coolstop.com/radio/ and I foolishly got his name (for some arcane, bizarre reason I called him "phil" and then even misspelled his last name) wrong and then didn't even correct it until now.  I was going on my usual warp speed and I apologize.  If you want to change your Radio theme check out Joe's stuff.  His themes are really nice.

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Updated Documents: Marketing 101, Consulting 101, Business 101 

It's been a busy writing week.  I've been writing a ton of articles based on the wonderful feedback that everyone has given me.  It seems as if my writing has forked into 2 if not 3 paths so I've grouped stuff categorically.  The new stuff has a new icon next to it.  The groupings are Marketing 101, Consulting 101 and Business 101.  All the articles are intended to be short, practical and based on real world experience.  Some of them are drawn from conversations I have had with all of you since I started writing these.  I've also listed, for easy reference, the older works since a lot of readers are just coming on board.

NOTE: Some of these documents are here as part of my Blog, others on my web site.  Over the next few weeks I'll get this nicely organized and such but I don't want to keep you from this content.  A lot of it should be quite useful like the one on "How Many Proposals Do I Need to Write" since a lot of new people are getting into the consulting business with the recent U.S. economic downturn.

If you want to sign up for the official announcement list for these articles then go to http://www.fuzzygroup.com/marketing101/.


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