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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Star Wars Update: How Very Strange

Well, it wasn't Star Wars after all -- but it was an unreleased movie -- some strange Robert Deniro / Eddie Murphy flick.  The first file just finished.  Very odd.  And, yes, I deleted it.  This was more of a "I can do that!" and I really do want to see it in the theater.

First file was 133 megs

comment [] 6:52:04 PM    

Star Wars Update 2: There's Tons of Copies Out There!

I just checked with LimeWire and WinMx and boy are there copies of this out there...  Pics below:


Note: I have never, ever been able to download anything from WinMX and the interface is, ahem, bizarre?  Someone really needs to fix it or have Jakob Neilsen descend on them like the hammer of god.  Nothing like 6 or 7 discrete windows to download files is what I always say.

Oh and if you read my last post the age reference is out of context -- I'm 34.  The requestor was 19 / 20.

comment [] 6:16:38 PM    

Downloadable Star Wars Update

I'm adding this blog entry to give a benchmark for the total time (the download didn't start until probably 1/2 hour in).  Right now it's at 40% overall progress.  Metric for: AT&T Media One Cable Modem, Nahant Massachusetts.  I'll give time metrics at the end.

And, as said before, I'll still be there paying to see it.

Here's the funny thing: The person who asked me to find this for them is 19? 20?.  I'd never have even thought of downloading Star Wars on my own.

comment [] 6:02:58 PM    

Cool New Themes and a Possible Bug in Radio

I just found Joe Jenett's wicked cool themes when I helped a Radio client get one installed.  Themes are here:

Here's the problem: when he went to the site and clicked on them they were displayed as text in his browser.  I had him back up and do a Save As but still no luck.  I tried it across two separate Radio installations (one downloaded 60 days ago and one downloaded 2 days ago) and the newer Radio worked fine.  I think that the older Radio may have registered the .fftb file as viewable when it's actually a binary. 

Either way: Here's the recommendation for Phil Jennet (I emailed this to him too): Zip the files for PC use and .SIT the files for Mac use.  Zip files / Sit files are always treated as binary.

Moral of the story: I IM'd my client the file and now he has one of those new wicked cool templates!  Thanks Phil!

Why Didn't Radio.Root Updates Fix This?  Given that Radio.Root (the internal structure / program that is Radio) is updated nightly, you'd think it would fix it, wouldn't you?  -- well, mime settings (if that's it) are external to Radio.Root.  They're created at install time by the setup wizard.

comment [] 4:57:00 PM    

How to Find Attack of the Clones: Downloadable!

A friend just IM'd me "Can you find me attack of the clones?  I heard it's on the net...".  Never, ever challenge a search geek.  Here was the process to find it:

  • Google about a bit
  • Find the trailer, forward that, "Nope, I want the whole thing"
  • Remember that this was big news so figure that has it.  Search there a bit and Bingo!

See that it's on Morpheus and Kazaa.  Now these are peer to peer file sharing tools but with spyware.  Remember that these have now been hacked (again, thank you!).  Go to and download iMesh (my friend found it with Kazaa and started their download).  Install iMesh.  Log in.  Search for "Clones" and tada! 

Not sure if this is real or not.  I'll have to download it and see.  Now, here's the question:

  • Will it keep me from seeing the movie?  Not a chance!
  • If the movie was really, really bad would it keep me from seeing it?  Not a chance -- if it's an event movie like Star Wars.  If it was a regular moving, probably.
  • Is the media partly culpable in the piracy since they literally told me how to do it?

Clearly these things have to be sorted out.  I don't see a way to stop file sharing without literally putting up national gateways around the Internet.  The reason cleanclients is a .tk domain is almost certainly for legal reasons.  And there are countries like Belize which have no extradition policy so a lot of Internet stuff could easily shift there if .TK has a legal relationship with the states.

It's so damn apparent to me and every single other tech person I know that the media business is just different now and they need to adapt.  Now, why can't the media businesses see this?  I don't think many of us feel good about stealing music or movies but the truth is that at least for music, it's just more convenient as mp3s.  I suspect that movies will be the same way in another year.  Business is all about giving customers what they want.  Why is the media industry exempt?

comment [] 4:28:17 PM    

Thoughts on Microsoft and Pros / Cons of Star Office

Well worth reading:

comment [] 1:45:52 PM    

And if you want to try Cleansing Your RSS

Here's a test url:

Thanks Brent!

comment [] 6:32:50 AM    

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