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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

If You Use Yahoo Messenger - Time for an Update

Dewayne forwarded this to me.  Sounds important. (sorry for not linking to you but I just can't find it and thought this should get up).

A security vulnerability that could allow hackers to delete files on someone's computer has prompted Yahoo to issue a fix for the latest version of its popular instant messaging software. The vulnerability allows hackers to impose a "buffer overflow" attack, meaning they could imbed a potentially harmful executable program on someone's computer. Using Yahoo Messenger as its conduit, hackers could delete files or cripple a computer's security.

News.com Article


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Ok.  Maybe Framesets Aren't the Devil

For a long time I've taken the position that Framesets for web development are the next best thing to, well, Satan (or at least Flash).  They work ok for dedicated software user interfaces (and even there bookmarks are nice) but other than that I failed to see a use for them.  Until Now.  In an article on PHP Beginner, Mark Cloyd documents "Single Page Frame Sets".  Mark is the owner of DTM2 Design and Development, a California based web design shop.  What Mark talks about in this article is how to take advantage of frames while still having them be bookmarkable.  Very cool stuff.  I definitely learned something. 

Disclaimer: I'm biased on this one.  I write articles for PHP Beginner too and I'm an Editor as well.  I also hold the quite geeky distinction of being the author of the article that has gotten the second highest number of hits on their site ever: Handling Users and Passwords in PHP.  Can't disclose exact metrics though...

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Wow.  Doing the Right Thing Worked Out.

People who saw my "Doing the Right Thing" blog entry will be pleased to know that he got the job.  Gives me a nice warm and fuzzy glow.

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I Need An Access Programmer.  Anyone Out There?

One of my clients asked me if I can find him an Access programmer.  The project is bug fixes, maintenance and enhancements on an existing Access database.  The pay isn't great (letting you know upfront) but the client is a sweetheart, the work is interesting and there is a good opportunity to illustrate your design skills (the existing Access UI for this is, well, awful, IMHO).

A key requirement: testing your own code before releasing it to us.

Resume / Rates / Examples of Work to scott@fuzzygroup.com

Does NOT have to be local.  Current programmer is 2,500 miles away from us.

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Marketing 101: How Do I Get People to Change Platforms, Parts 1 and 2

Well folks, it's a high output blogging day for sure.  Here are parts 1 and 2 of "How Do I Get People to Change Platforms".

Marketing 101: How Do I Get People to Change Platforms, Part 1?

The single hardest marketing pitch in all of computing, both hardware and software, is this:

Please Mr. Customer, Change Your Platform to My New Thing!

There is just nothing harder.  This article will tackle this non-trivial (that's semi sarcastic computer geek speak for "wicked hard") problem from a theoretical basis and then, in a follow up piece, with a real world example -- Drupal.

==> Part 1 <==

Marketing 101: How Do I Get People to Change Platforms - Part 2

This article is a follow up piece to the Marketing 101 article: How Do I Get People to Change Platforms?  In this article we are going to illustrate the platform changing process with Drupal.

Drupal is a new Open Source application that is a current passion of mine.  When I first discovered it, I thought ...

==> Part 2 <==

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Amazon: Warts and All: They Remain Smart!

I just saw this on the Amazon site:

Pre-order Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Second Season and receive immediate access to two streaming video interviews with Buffy creator Joss Whedon.


Now if I was a hard core Buffy fan, and had disposable income, that's pretty compelling.  I wonder what happens to the content after the pre-order period is over?

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Marketing 101: How Do I Get Started Doing Market Research

This article came directly from a reader, who will remain nameless.  Here was his question exactly as he posed it to me:

I am in the process of developing an ASP (application service provider) and would like to solicit the input of potential customers. I intend on writing a letter discussing what the product is all about, what they would get in return for their efforts, and what it would entail... I am doing this because for the most part the product feature set is based on research and educated guesses. Do you have any thoughts or ideas related to this approach?

==> Read Story <==

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If You Find Comments in Radio Slow (Internet Explorer, PC, Windows) then Close Browser Windows

Here's something something I recently discovered.  I'm starting to get a bunch of comments on my blog entries.  And that's cool.  But, for me, all too often I'd click the comment link and I'd wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Now I normally run about 20 different IE windows (don't ask) and I tried it again with only 2 or 3 windows open -- wicked fast.  Keep it in mind.  This alone is a good reason to keep Opera around.  Or, better, Mozilla.

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Before I Write Another Blog Entry: THANK YOU! (to the Radio Community)

I just wanted to say Thanks! to everyone in the Radio community who pitched in, over a holiday weekend (in the U.S. it was Memorial Day) no less.  I really appreciate it.  For those that made a substantial contribution (and you know who you are), expect an email from me later this week to get your name right for the acknowledgements section (and if you just want to mail me your name, that's fine too).  scott@fuzzygroup.com

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Terrifying: From Kuro5hin


And, lest you think that this is just the normal Net rumor crap, there was a piece in yesterday's New York Times about potential casualties from a limited nuclear exchange in India / Pakistan.

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