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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

What's Old is New Again: Gestures in Mozilla, Uzilla, Mozilla Parties

Surfmind sent this over to me.  Too cool: Mozilla Now Supports Gestures.  (Gestures are a UI mechanism for inferring actions from distinct mouse movements.  For example, a quick move of the mouse to the right indicates "Forward".  I first saw these at Hypertext '87 in a late, lamented product called Xerox Rooms.) 

He's also apparently starting a new business, Uzilla, Technology for Usability Testing.   Definitely worth looking at.  He really seems to know his way around user interfaces.  And how can you not want to support one of the organizers of the world wide Mozilla launch party?  There are now 1,340 people signed up to party at 108 different parties world wide.  Very, very cool.  June 12th.  I'm going to try and get to the Boston one.

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Interesting.  Details on the SlashDot Effect

I spent a bit of time today analyzing the "Slashdot Effect".  Yesterday the web site www.kerneltrap.org got featured on Slashdot which spiked it's traffic by six fold.  I was lucky enough to get performance metrics and put into a 3 page "Performance of Open Source Portal Software" guide.  You'll see the PDF tomorrow or later tonight.   At it's peak this site was sustaining 100 hits per minute.  Never crashed.  Now the shocker ... Single processor PII 300 mhz server.  512 megs of RAM, Linux, MySQL, one box running DB, Web Server, Portal/Content Management Software.  Every single page view was served out of the database (Drupal's cache optimization was turned on).  Picture me shaking my head in utter amazement.  (For the non geeky out there -- this is about $250 worth of computer hardware).

Thanks to Guy for editing my crufty document into legible form.

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Consulting 101: Do My Clients Really Need a T1?

[Disclaimer: This one is very, very practical.  It might be helpful to consultants
that are helping their clients reduce their costs.  Very popular these days.]

I was recently asked by a client to evaluate her network connectivity.  This client had these characteristics:

  • Non-profit organization
  • Physical office space in a office complex with 15 - 20 other companies in the office park
  • Current Cost for a Shared T1 of $225 per month, no real bandwidth guarantees
  • ...

    So do they need a T1 or not?  Read on...

    ==> Read Story <==

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    Marketing 101: Where Silly Product Names Come From or Your Worst Nightmares Confirmed...

    Most of my readers are technical folk.  This article will, without question, tell them that their worst fears about marketing folk are, actually, true -- in about 90% of the cases (hey, I'm kind of a marketing person).  Here's the situation:

    1. In a board room far, far away, in a publicly traded company that's no longer in business, I sat in a 2 - 3 hour discussion of a new product and it's name.
    2. ....

    ==> Read Story <==

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