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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Damn this Guy is Funny!

The other day I gave a nice mention of www.noopy.org/bloghorn/ but was so tired that I forgot to link to it.  Sorry.  This is the blog I wish I could (or would) write.  Here's some of my favorite entries.  And, yes, I actually read the entire backlog (and wished there was more).  This guy is hilarious.  He says what I feel.

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How Many Ways Can You Get Spell Brit* Spears Wrong?

Well.  According to Kevin from Garbo, lots.  This is just too damn funny:


Note: The least common misspelling is "prittany spears" & the most common: "britney spears"


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Extreme Development Management

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, at a point when DOT COMs still roamed the earth like the extinct dinosaurs they become, I was promoted to VP of Engineering at a DOT COM.  I came into a very, very, very bad development situation and I applied what I personally call "Extreme Development Management" to meet the goals.  I have used these several times in my career in difficult, challenging release situations but they are not for every product or every release.  Please, please, please see the Note at the end before using these.

==> Story <==

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What Microsoft Software Costs for an Ivy League

Here's an interesting metric.  I happened to pick the wrong number on my cell phone speed dial (how many "John"s do you know?  I know like 50).  Turned out to be a good friend that I've fallen out of touch with.  Single best Microsoft centric Systems Administrator that I've ever met and had the privilege to employ (in my dot com days he worked for me and it was a privilege).  Damn good guy.  Anyway, he's now doing IT for an Ivy League school and they're moving from Novell / Pegasus Mail to an all Windows 2000 server, Windows 98 client, Office, Outlook platform.  $50 per "FTE" (i.e. "full time equivalent" student).  Damn.  Why doesn't business get all of Office and Exchange Server for $50 per worker?  The things you learn...

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Doing the Right Thing

About 3 hours ago I got a call from a very nice headhunter (yes they do exist).  Turns out a good friend recommended me for the work.  Here are the specs:

  • 4 - 6 months of onsite contract work in an attractive geography where I'd like to spend 4 - 6 months
  • Work for a satellite imaging firm that actually has a satellite in orbit
  • PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Heavy SQL
  • Write back end infrastructure apps.  Think code that tracks satellites and images.
  • They Have a Satellite in Orbit.  What could be cooler?

I turned the work down (broke my heart, really, really wanted this one).  And I pitched a friend for it instead.  Here's why:

  1. I did just get a small contract yesterday so there is a little bit of conflict but I could have gotten around this.  NOTE: This contract probably wouldn't start until after I was done with the other. 
  2. My friend is out of work
  3. My friend has kids

I know that I'll get by economically.  There is, of course, the "Would you like fries with that" option should consulting not work out.  (And, free meals!)  The work might not be as attractive or as cool.  But I'll get by.  But this guy has kids.  Several actually.  And, to be honest, that still means something.  Or it should.  Since I don't have kids, I can't really understand but I suspect that it must be scary to be out of work.  And I know that with the IT market in the toilet, and with him not in a great part of the world for IT work, he has less options than I do (in Boston).  And I've done the consulting hustle before and he's always worked for people.  So it will be easier for me to get work than it is for him.

If you notice that I'm trying to convince myself that I did do the right thing, you're right.  I mean.  Satellites!  Still.  Moral of the story is:

Do the right thing.

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Two Great Products!

I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Yesterday I found two great products!  Here they are:

Think of Drupal is, well, Drupal.  It's more of a platform than a product to be honest and that's the problem / genius of it all.  Drupal is a blogging environment paired with the equivalent of Scoop or Slashdot. I.e. its a full multiple user portal site.  Now, here's the beauty of it all:

  • Open Source
  • Written in PHP
  • Installed it on a server in about 20 minutes (18 but who's really counting) including making the database, customizing the passwords, etc
  • Multiple language support
  • RSS support
  • OPML support
  • Unbelievably high quality standards. 

Disclaimer: Kjartan, one of the team leads, is an IM friend.  And a reader of this blog.  This doesn't mean his stuff isn't good.

ActiveWords is harder to explain but still damn interesting and wicked cool.  More on this later.

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