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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Note -- Posted at Request of O'Reilly and Associates

Here's the URL:


And here's the call itself:


By now, gentle readers, you're more than aware we (O'Reilly) have a "Essential Blogging" book in the works, co-authored by Cory Doctorow, Scott Johnson, Shelley Powers, Ben and Mena Trott, and me -- not to mention our much-loved, utterly groovy editor, Nat Torkington. It's humming along just beautifully, all of us have our chapters in, and we're heading toward a wide-open online public review.

We do have one more chapter in the works: "Blogging Voices". We're going want 10-15 pages of collected wisdom from bloggers -- that means you! We need stories like:

Why blog? "I blog because I am", "Our various teams blog to keep one-another informed of how our bits of project x are coming along", "Exposing my thoughts on x, y, and z helps me focus and brings more people into the discussion", "Heck, why not expose your bookmarks just in case they're useful to someone else", ...

Neat blogging experiences. "I met my wife through my blog", "I didn't know, until I blogged, that there were so many folks interested in 'Short Circuit'", ...

Advice to would-be and new bloggers. "Don't complain about your company unless your blog is 100% anonymous", "It's ok to stop blogging for a week; you're not a shark, you know!", "You absolutely must produce an RSS feed if you want folks to find you", ...

Blogging systems advice. "Having someone else host your blog is a must if you have no intention of being a sysadmin", "Keep your data local", "Offload comments to QuickTopic or the like", "If you use Blogger, make use of xyz Blogger API tool rather than editing in the browser", ...

And other interesting and practical commentary that a would-be or new blogger just taking the plunge would benefit from reading.

Email your submission or a pointer thereto -- not to mention pointers to the words of others that may have inspired you or put it just so -- to blogging-feedback@oreilly.com, identifying it as "Blogging Voices" in the subject line and including your full name and preferred URL.

Oh, and pass it on!

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What Violating the Golden Rule Means in an Era of Blogging

==> "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." <==

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Thanks Paolo! Thanks Simone!  And Russ Likes It!

Well the Hello World in UserTalk stuff is done.  Whew.  Better yet, Russ likes it.  Very cool.  Links available later today.

My thanks go out to Paolo at eVectors and, really, Simone Bettini.  Thanks guys!  Very much appreciated (No, no I not an idiot).  Hello World when you have to get it inserted into workspace baffled even Nat (editor of the Perl Cookbook, no slouch here).

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Back to Normal... No Just Back

Well I'd love to say that I'm back to normal but given that I'm still rising on "Compulsive Geek Writer Time", that's just not true.  Let's just say that I'm slowly recovering.  Perhaps my current state could be described as "quasi conscious" or "no longer on autopilot".  Here's some final interesting stats on what I submitted and, well, other stuff:

  • Chapter 3 - Radio Basics or some such title -- 12,180
  • Chapter 7 - Advanced Radio -- 6,563 words
  • Chapter 9 - The Blogging Community -- 2,015 words (and if these word counts make you say "Way over the size limit", DOH!, don't ask)
  • Liters of Diet Coke -- 19
  • Donuts -- 12
  • Pizzas -- 4
  • Advil -- 16

My thanks go out to those real time people whose Blog, Email or IM presence kept me laughing and sane through out this experience.

  • Guy
  • Russ
  • Kjartan
  • Dave
  • Lawrence
  • Noopy (Your blog had me literally rolling on the floor laughing at a crucial point.  "Crack Whore".  Lol.)

I also have to extend my sincere thanks to all the wonderful Mac folk who sent detailed assistance.  The sections on Mac Radio wouldn't be anywhere near as good without you.  I'll be in touch later today or tomorrow -- I couldn't get any free books to thank you with but I did swing a mention in the acknowledgements section for everyone who gave great help -- to get correct name spelling and such.  And to those who offered help but I couldn't take advantage of because I had too much.  Thank you also.

Also: New anti stress technique - Take 3 or 4 Dido MP3s and put them in a random loop.  Play from 4 am until 6 pm.  By the end of it you may want to never, ever hear Dido (or watch Roswell) but it's damn soothing.

GAH! IM from Editor.  "Hello world in UserTalk?" "QuickScript or Object" typed discussion follows "Both".  I'm a writer again.

More later....

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