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Monday, May 20, 2002

Solving the MP3 Piracy Issues By Adding Fear, Shame and Responsibility to the Mix

I don't now and never have understood what the problem with MP3 piracy is.  To me solving this is so simple that it's just plain obvious.  As with most of my essays, we'll start with the basic assumptions, add some common sense and then tie it together.

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You Ask: How did I write this when on a book deadline?

I Answer: Since I dropped TV, including the X-Files conclusion, this kind of blog essay is decompression for me.  Yes folks, its that new sport "Recreational Blogging!" or as I call it "Dueling Words".

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Whew!  Deadline Met (kinda)!

Wow.  That feels good.  I'm a blogger again (kinda) now that I got most (yes, most) of my book content submitted to Nat at O'Reilly.  So, thanks to all the wonderful, helpful Mac folk who answered questions.  Links to everyone's blogs are coming as quickly as I can build a thank you page (think tomorrow -- I need to decompress a bit).  Additional thanks to the normal supporting cast for a writer: Catnip Toys (distract the cats, not me), Sugar (Koolaid) / Dunkin Donuts, Caffeine (Diet Coke), Pizza (The Islander's Place, Nahant, Massachusetts), and the music of: Angry Samoans, the Rent Soundtrack, Green Jelly, Green Day, Dido, Der Kommissar, Bare Naked Ladies, The Doors, the Ramones and other bands with names just too embarassing to post.  What did writers do before MP3?

NOTE: Mountain Time != Pacific Time.  Oops.  Do not pass go and remove 1 hour from deadline for blatant stupidity.

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Monday's Blog Entries On Hold Until Book Deadline Met

The title says it all.

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