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Monday, May 27, 2002

Blogging and a Gift Economy for Appreciation or If I were Jeff Bezos...

Disclaimer 0: I am in no way claiming that this is original, innovative or anything else.  It's just the first time that I have run into it.

I ran into an interesting thing in an article on Salon.  The Salon article was talking about how teenage girls with webcams were soliciting online gifts using Amazon wish lists.  While this was fairly disturbing (do you want your daughter / sister / cousin / niece / whatever) tantalizing anonymous men for Amazon stuff, it made me think about applying the same concept to blogs. 

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Full Table of Contents for the O'Reilly Blog Book

Here's the full toc:


I started on a php script to rip it from <P TOC# tags to opml but I just don't have the time to finish it.   Sorry...  Useful regardless I suspect.

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It's Been a Geeky Weekend (Again)!

Ah yes.  The geeky weekend.  Nothing quite as much fun (well, for me).  Here was some of the code I did / things I learned / whatever:

  • Friday -- Build a rough, crude, brute force RSS scraper for Ian in Hong Kong (he asked, I said "Cool", I coded (note to others -- never, ever give a geek a challenge))
  • Saturday -- Learned a lot about GreyMatter helping a Princeton Sociologist studying how people find info on the web try and get GreyMatter RSS syndication working.  I failed.  Ouch.  Their apache implementation has an SSI that literally prevents it from generating XML.  Sigh.  Anyone interested in a step by step example of how I debugged it remotely without any access to come to that conclusion?  I have the IM transcript so it's not real hard.  And she blogs.  Very, very cool.  Rebuilding my RSS scraper to allow for more than financial data. 
  • Grocery shopped to load up with Guy Geek Food (think grillable stuff coupled with caffeine and sugar)
  • Made the decision to wifi myself (hub, card)so I can take my laptop out on my porch since I just got the house painted, I may as well try and enjoy it.  Once again it will be Linksys hardware.  Don't care if it is or isn't cheaper -- the outstanding support I got before from Carol Osario will keep me coming back over and over and over.  Recommended.
  • Worked on the book.  Got wonderful feedback last night from Jake Savin and had a really nice IM conversation with him.  I think I now know what needs to be done.  Jake was nice enough to a) give detailed feedback and b) ask me how I wanted it.  I thought it was fairest to the Radio community if it went up to the review mailing list first so that's where it is if anyone wants it.
  • Got lots of nice emails personally on the book.  Collected here.
  • Met a real world, honest to god blogger and fellow Radio user.  Nice talk.  Lives 3 miles away.  Small world.  We made the decision to launch, within the next 2 weeks, BABUG (Boston Area Blogging Users Group).  email to sjohnson@fuzzygroup.com if you are interested
  • Finished my blogsig code.  Just need to make the home page.  Spam proof signatures for bloggers.  Disclose as much or as little contact info as you want.  Silly ass idea but everyone who has seen it likes it.  Beta testers wanted.  My enounters with Instant Message Porn SpamBots like "MillaJ 323" on AIM led to this idea.
  • Figured out how to build the equivalent of a trace log for debugging php code that is browser viewable.  Hate to write stuff like this but it's too useful to not do it.  As much as I try to like gui dev tools for web stuff like the Zend product, it's just not for me.  Debugging with print statements may make you want to eat glass but this should make it better.  I'm definitely coming closer and closer to my goal: a browser based development environment.
  • Figured out a decent solution for TMB (too many browsers).  And it isn't bookmarks.  Bookmarks stink.
  • Tried out my OPML viewer on the OPML toc for the book.  Worked great!  Very useful. 
  • Got lots of great feedback on the book.  Roger from www.surveyanalysis.com did a wonderful job "refactoring" it.  Never thought about refactoring content but, all of a sudden, refactoring makes a lot more sense.  Thanks Roger.
  • First Barbeque of the season (Hey, I'm not always just a loser in front of a screen...  Well, most of the time I am....)

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