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 Thursday, July 10, 2003

Nokia 3650 -- Anyone Recommend It ?

I see that Amazon now has the Nokia 3650 for $300 with a $300 rebate if you purchase a plan and I'm about ready to take my Nextel and toss it under a big ass rock (nothing like 0 battery life; 4 short calls and you're done!). 

Any comments?  I know that Scott Rafer thought it felt plasticy and kinda cheesy.  But free is free.

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Windows XP: Can I NOT be Logged Off ?

Sigh.  Does anyone out there know how to make Windows XP never log me off?  I'm tired of getting that damn screen, having to click and then re-enter my password.  I know I've asked this before and no one knew but perhaps someone found the magic since then.

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Lions and Tigers and Storms, Oh My!

Well while SuperNova was ****excellent****, I certainly can't say that the trip home was particularly good.  After 5 hours at the airport (2.5 hour delay + the 2 hour early you're supposed to ridiculously arrive), I should have been frustrated and annoyed -- but I wasn't.  I ended up running into the founder of WiFinderScott Rafer, on the trip to the airport and had someone to hang with for the time.  That made the wait not only useful but enjoyable as all heck.  Nice, ***smart*** guy.  He gave me a ton of good ideas for Feedster and that's always good.  Thanks man.

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Back from SuperNova

Ok.  I'm back from SuperNova and I have to say that that the conference was just plain excellent.  My temporary SuperNova blog is here and there is both SuperNova and regular old Scott / Feedster / Rant stuff in it.  I blogged quite a bit the first day but lack of sleep from hanging out late with Joi Ito, Mena & Anil and Ross led to lack of energy and, consequently, lack of blogging.  I also succumbed to the lure of Joi's IRC channel and that consumed lots of brain cells.

General post conference thoughts:

  • Outstandingly good conference.  I'll be back next year.
  • WiFi in the conference changes bloody well everything.  Don't think so? Hang out on the IRC channel while bad speakers are up there and watch the conversation.  There's some kind of good sociology / anthropology work coming here I think.
  • Camera phones are more interesting than I thought.
  • CIOs are interestingly disconnected from the real world (Fleet Financial -- "We don't use Open Source"; Sure you don't.). 
  • The value of a conference is increasingly NOT in the agenda and only partially in the speakers.  The real issue is the attendees and the fact that conferences don't tell you who is attending makes choosing which conferences to attend difficult.  Just knowing that, for example, Kim Polese would be attending SuperNova would have made the conference a lot more interesting for people.
  • Movable Type (sorry Six Apart) is doing really interesting things with TypePad
  • Groxis / Grokker is without question the coolest Java application I've ever seen
  • The speakers need to engage with the audience more; I can see these types of conferences becoming much more participatory. 
  • Despite my recent less than positive comments on Meetup, I have to say that after having lunch with the founder, I'm much more convinced about its viability.  They have a really neat niche in this politics area.
  • The new 12" powerbook is sweet.  This conference was definitely an Apple haven and watching the wifi connection difficulties the PC folk had, I have to admit that Apple rules in this area.

SuperNova: Recommended.

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