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 Saturday, July 12, 2003

iSight Not Working? Just Reinstall OSX

Yep that's what it took but it works!  Whoo Freaking Hoo!  I'm available via my feedster2003 account using iChat AV. 

iSight: The first webcam worth owning.

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Sigh.  iSight Problems => iBook Problems

I'm in the middle of an OSX full reinstall -- I went to the Apple store, the camera was fine but my iBook (which HAD been fine) refused to boot.  So its back to the CDs and off to the races.  Sigh.

Oh and while others may be able to make their iSights work on a PC, I find that mine reboots the PC when I plug it into my fireware daisy chain.  Cool !

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Feedster Echo Support

Well I almost have this working.  All I need are php routines to convert standard Unix epochs to this format: 2003-07-11T05:46:22Z.  Anyone know where they might reside?  I looked once before when I was doing the Feedster crawler and I ended up with an awful mess of very quick regular expression hackery.  I'd like to avoid that.  Any help much appreciated.

And while Feedster's echo support will work, its exposing some issues with Echo at least from our perspective -- for example -- Feedster doesn't know the author for most feeds.  What then?  Should I make John Doe the author of every blog since its a required element?  Or perhaps I should randomize it between Sam Ruby and Mark Pilgrim.

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