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 Monday, July 28, 2003

New Feedster Feature: Blog of the Day

There are a lot of interesting blogs out there --- all with rss feeds.  And Feedster, with what is now I suspect the single largest database of RSS feeds available, sees so, so many of them.  Francois and I have been wrestling with this and, at least for now, we've added to the Feedster home page a "Blog of the Day" link that we'll try and rotate daily (doh!).  If you want to make suggestions then use interestingblog @ feedster.com

Thanks to Mike in Australia for doing the Blog if the Day graphic.

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Gnomedex: The Summary

How do you describe a conference, Gnomedex, where you get to meet and hang out with:

  • Tim O'Reilly -- If you don't get the reference then piffle to you
  • Rob Malda -- the founder of Slashdot
  • Dan Gillmor -- San Jose Mercury News
  • Beth Goza from Microsoft who actually owns a Segway !!!
  • Nelson Minar from Google
  • Nick Bradbury from FeedDemon, Topstyle and Homesite
  • Oh and, of course, Chris Pirillo
  • Tom Bridge from MacSlash
  • And, even better, all the myriad Gnomedexers and Gnomedex Bloggers (who are listed here) -- I got the best suggestions on Feedster from just different random people.  And I'll be implementing those over the next few weeks and months. 

Over the next few days I'll blog more about the conference including slides I thought were relevant.  The overall impression I got from the conference was simple -- it rocked.  Chris managed to make a technical conference **fun**.  How often do you see that?  And I have to admit that I was purely in awe of watching Chris' people skills.  For me the most interesting part of the conference was probably just watching Chris interact with people.   He's a natural -- its so clear why people pretty much love him. 

So if you missed Gnomedex then all I have to say is you should make it next year.  The event was outstanding.  Thanks Chris.

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