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 Thursday, July 31, 2003

Feedsterlicious !

Heh.  If you track our Feedster Stats page at all (and yeah its slow to display and I know I need to make a cached version) then you'll see something interesting: 160,000 + feeds now.  That's right.  Last night we added every Live Journal user to Feedster which doubled our database size.  My hat's definitely tipped to Francois whose crawler architecture happily crawled > 1,500,000 posts in 12 hours.  Nice job man!

Jon Thompson nicely pointed out to me that while we might have implemented Sherlock support, we made it hard to find.  Thanks man.  Done!  Now its linked to from the home page until it finds a permanent home. 

Now for a miscellaneous selection of oddments:

  • .Net RSS Class Library: RSSMaster
  • Atom less than useless as a syndication format: BottomFeeder Speaks Out!  (really good observation)
  • Oh Dear Lord: Ack!!! (the Feedster specific comment)
  • The most advanced tool for finding fresh blog information is definately Feedster.com.  Campus Tech News
  • Comments on Gnomedex: Dan Hanson
  • Php Threading !!!  Keith
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