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 Thursday, July 24, 2003

Feedster Gnomedex Blog

Carrying out my silly (but functional) tradition of a different blogging tool for travel, my Gnomedex blog is here:

and rss: http://feedster.com/superblog//?q=node/feed

And apparently my Gnomdex Daily News is causing trouble. :-)

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Feedster, Being Busy and Doing da Gnome!

Well Gnomedex keeps drawing closer and getting ready to be away (again) and doign some special stuff for Gnomedex keeps knocking blogging off my list.  Sorry about that.  Here are some interesting links:

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Special Feedster Gnomedex Edition !

Check out http://www.feedster.com/news/ when you get a chance.  What we've done here is dynamically (1/2 hour to 1 hour basis) create a "Blogpaper" a virtual newspaper assembled out of different blog entries all with a common theme.  And, of course, the theme is Gnomedex.  So if you're a blogger and talking about Gnomedex, this could well feature you. 


Note: The dynamic nature of this won't really show up until people start posting when Gnomedex starts.

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