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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

War as a Statement

We are going to war in Iraq for many reasons, but there is one big reason that people donít talk about: to send a message to the world that this is what happens to the enemies of the United States. 

Itís not something Colin Powell can say to the UN, or that W can tell us on TV. But itís the underlying truth that puts all other truths in play.  

This war is an atavistic response to the terror attacks launched against us. It may not be fair or rational to punish Iraq for 9/11, but at some very deep level our government and a great many citizens need a demonstration of our power and will to use it. Osama (if we got him) and the Taliban arenít big enough trophies.

Thatís not to say Saddam isnít in material breachóhe is, as we knew he would be when we set that as the standard for forcibly disarming him. It doesnít mean that disarming him wonít be a good thing. And it doesnít mean we donít have designs on the oil, or that W doesnít have Daddy issues.  

But enabling all of those agendas is the fact that after 9/11, somebody had to go down, hard. Iraq was already on our shitlist, and it helps that itís an Arab Muslim country. Down they go.  

Donít Panic. Yet 

After Sundayís home loss to Wake, UNCís tourney hopes are looking dimmer. The Heels have to win their home games against Florida State, UVA, State, and GA Tech, and win at Clemson, to get seven wins in the ACC. The eighth winóthe one that would get them in the tourney for sureówill have to come tomorrow night at Duke, at Wake, or at home against Duke. A tall order. Sean May, hurry back.

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