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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Rep. Honda Asks Judiciary Committee to Move on Resolution

Mike Honda sent a letter to James Sensenbrenner, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, asking that the committee send to the House floor next week Honda's resolution recognizing February 19 as a day of remembrance for the WWII internment of Japanese-Americans.

Honda has already personally asked Howard Coble--who also sits on the Judiciary Committee--to sign on.

If this seems important to you, blog it. You can call Sensenbrenner's office at 202 225 5101, or email the committee at Judiciary@mail.house.gov, or contact its individual members.

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Gigantic Deadheads vs. Coble

Eric Muller spots a blast at Coble in Bill Walton's column at ESPN.com. It turns out that Walton's wife is the child of internees. "(T)o hear that U.S. Representative from North Carolina, Howard Coble, feels that in World War II Japanese-Americans were interned for THEIR safety made me wonder how things have all gone so terribly wrong," writes the Dead-loving big man. "Lori's parents, both victims of that disgraceful, illegal and immoral action, don't really see it that way."

Shifting the Argument

Another letter to the News & Record this morning (not posted online yet) (sigh) saying that WWII was scary and internment should be seen in the context of the times. As with Sgt. Stryker and the folks who write in to say Imperial Japan was a real threat (duh), that's not the issue here. The point is that internment was a bad idea, for which the US has apologized and paid reparations, and that a Congressman chairing a committee on homeland security needs to be especially vigilant about bad ideas that feel right to scared people.

One Step Sideways

Carolina crushes A&T, but loses RPI points for beating an 0-20 team.

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